Monday 29 July 2013

REVIEW || Natural Collection Blushers

I have long been a fan of the Natural Collection blushers and it occurred to me the other day that I have never reviewed them! I am not a massive fan of Natural Collection as a brand, I hate their foundations and concealers, there lipsticks are okay and I do like the powders and nail polishes even though the shade selection isn't great. However, for me the gems in the collection are these blushers! Retailing at £1.99 and more often than not on a 3 for £5 these are a must have.

Saturday 27 July 2013

REVIEW || OPI Drip Dry

Around Christmas I was in Boots and I decided to look at the reduced aisle, just incase they had any gems, and I saw this! I had been wanting to try some nail polish drying drops for ages but I thought they were probably a gimmick so I refrained and saved my pennies, but this beauty which has an RRP of £13.95 was on sale for 50p! So of course I had to pick it up.

Thursday 25 July 2013

From the Archives || Maybelline Colour Tattoos

If you want to find out more about this series check out this post.

I am going to start off by saying I think these are quite possibly my favourite eye products ever! I never thought cream eyeshadow would work for me because I have such oily lids, but true to the 'tattoo' description these are literally permanent! 

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Review || Nanshy 5 Piece Face Brush Set

I was so excited when I had the opportunity to review this Nanshy 5 Piece Face Brush Set* because I have heard some great things about these brushes and I am super impressed. This set is £34.95 or you can buy the brushes individually for £9.95.

Sunday 21 July 2013

Review || Wonderland Wigs Double Volume Instant Weave

I was lucky enough to review the Double Volume Instant Weave in Blondette* from Wonderland wigs. This is a 3/4 wig which is basically like a hair piece that looks like you have hair extensions in, but only takes a minute or two to put in.

Now the word wig may make you think "I have a full head of hair, I don't need this!" but this just gives you beautiful hair and is more like a hair piece. Many celebrities use 3/4 or half wigs to make their hair look effortlessly styled and frizz free with heaps of volume and now you can create this too.

Saturday 20 July 2013

Blog Hop || I Love My Post Blog Hop!

I love my post 
Welcome to the I Love My Post blog hop where we invite you to link up your favourite post of the week, to show it off and hopefully receive some love from the others partaking in the hop!
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Thursday 18 July 2013

REVIEW || Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

 This week I had my prom, and as part of my prom preparation I needed to make sure my makeup was going to last for the full 5 hours including when I hit the dance floor. Being unorganised I rushed into Superdrug in the morning thinking "I'll pick up the MUA primer" but they were out of stock, so in a panic I picked the primer closest to me and that happened to be this one.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Summer Series #4 || Favourite Fragrances

Welcome to Part 4 of my Summer Series of collaborations! Today I am collaborating with Michelle from ThouShaltNotCovet  who is absolutely lovely so make sure you go and check out her post after reading this one. We decided to do a Favourite Fragrances Post, each perfume falling under a different category, so I hope you enjoy!

Tips & Tricks || How to Create a Comment Signature

So after wondering for ages how to make my own linked comment signature (the one where it leaves a direct link to your blog in the comment rather than having to type out your address) I decided to share it with you guys because a few people have asked me how to do them and I had a pretty hard time trying to find a tutorial so I thought I would do one myself!

So this is actually super easy all you need to do is use this HTML code:

Just a quick tip too make sure you leave a space in between the 'a' and 'href' as I have done above otherwise this will not work.

Above is a picture of my comment signature just incase you didn't know what I meant. You could also link to a recent or similar post if applicable to the blog post e.g. if someone posts a review of the Barry M Nail Paints you could link them your review to check out aswell.

This is a great way to promote your blog, in reference to the #bbloggers chat on Sunday! Because it means that if people want to take a look at your blog it is a lot easier than copying and pasting your URL into the search bar. All you need to do is put this code anywhere in the comment box, I usually put mine at the bottom of my comment.

I save my coding into a word document so that I can find it easily.
I would love to see all of your comment signatures so please comment below so that I can discover some new blogs too!

I hope this helps some of you!

Thanks for reading

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Monday 15 July 2013

From The Archives || Bioderma Review

 I have decided to start re writing some of the posts I wrote a while back and taking new pictures with my much better camera than the webcam I started blogging with! So this is the first post in the "series" if you like, so I hope you enjoy these! After writing these updated reviews I will be deleting the old versions because they really were rather awful.

At the end of last year I went to France with my family, and unfortunately I got a horrendous sore throat, however there was an advantage to this! I went into a French Pharmacy and I saw 2 of these 500ml of Bioderma on offer. 2 bottles for €20 and for that price I couldn't resist. 

Sunday 14 July 2013

Summer Series #3 || Summer Makeup Essentials

Here is the third post in my Summer series of collaborations and today I am collaborating with Amy from so make sure you head over to her blog and check out her post too. All names of products have links where to buy them from and if I have posted a review on the product I will link it, for products that are scheduled for review I will come back and add the links in once the review is posted. Onto my essential makeup items for summer!

Saturday 13 July 2013

Summer Series #2 || Summer Essentials (excluding hair & makeup)

Welcome to the second post in my Summer collaboration series and today I am collaborating with Darcey from so make sure you read her post after this one to find out her essentials! I know the picture above isn't to do with the products but these flowers have been growing in my garden and I thought they were gorgeous!

Now I may have told a tiny lie in the title because there is one makeup item that I forgot to put in my makeup post! But apart from that this is all excluding hair and makeup because I've done a haircare post and am going to be doing a makeup one.

All products are linked with their names.

Guest Bloggers Needed! *NOW CLOSED*

I am going away for two weeks at the start of August and I need guest bloggers as there will be no wifi in the hotel I am staying in.

So if you're interested:

  • Leave me a comment on this blog post
  • Email me:
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I would really appreciate it if you wanted to guest post, and it can be on whatever you like as long as it fits with Beauty/Fashion or Lifestyle. I ideally need 7 and I already have 2, but I can have more.

*UPDATE* I now have 14 guest bloggers, thanks for all your interest! I am so happy that you want to blog on my blog :D

Thanks for reading!

Friday 12 July 2013

REVIEW || MUA Power Pouts

Whilst browsing my local Superdrug last week whilst searching for a primer for prom, I saw that these beauties were on 2 for £4! Usually retailing at £3 each. I had been wanting to try these for a while but kept putting it off thinking I don't need any more lip products, but then the offer drew me in and I bought 4. I picked up the shades: "Broken Hearted", "Rendezvous", "Justify" and "Irreplaceable". I liked the other 2 shades, but I didn't think I would wear them that much so I didn't pick them up.

Thursday 11 July 2013

Summer Series #1 || Top 5 Summer Haircare Products

 Today I am doing the first post in my Summer Series, which is a series of posts related to the Summer in collaboration with other bloggers. Today I am collaborating with Amanda from The Blonde so make sure you head over and read her post too!

Now I haven't gone crazy and I know there are 6 hair products in the picture but that is because two of them are going to go under the same category because I couldn't pick my favourite! Now onto the post.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Stain Alert || Sinful Colours Matte Nail Polish in 'Savage'

So don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Sinful Colours nail polishes, and at £1.99 they are very hard to say no to. I have no problems with the other 4 shades I have, but this is the only matte one I picked up and it stains to badly! I have looked up other reviews since purchasing and this seems to be the general thought round this item. Now I can't comment on how whether this would stain or not without a base coat because I haven't yet tried this.

Sunday 7 July 2013

Accessorize Blusher in 'Scandal'

I have been wanting to try one of the blushers/bronzers from Accessorize for the longest time and for only £5 I don't know why I haven't picked one up before, but a couple of weeks ago I picked one of these up from Superdrug and I am very glad I did!

Friday 5 July 2013

LUSH Eau Roma Toner Water

I am a massive fan of LUSH, I could buy everything in there! It all smells super...well lush! And recently I have become majorly slightly obsessed with their skin care, it is all natural I believe, and they don't include harsh chemicals which is fantastic. I also love how they don't test on animals, and most of their packaging is 100% recycled. The prices are also very reasonable, and I love how you have the option to buy most things in at least 2 sizes if not more, which means they cater for all different budgets. When I was in my local LUSH store around Christmas(woah that seems ages ago now), I was telling one of the lovely women in there how my skin was doing my head in because it was super oily and kept breaking out, after telling her what my skin care routine was at the time she explained that I was being too harsh towards my oily skin so she recommended me a few new products and this was one of them.
She advised me that this was a gentle toning water, and although wouldn't directly treat breakouts like the Tea Tree water they sell, it would help to calm down and reduce the redness in my skin, and the rose water in the product would help to achieve an even skin tone. She was 100% correct!

Thursday 4 July 2013

Ad Space Giveaway!

Hi Everyone,

So I will be doing a makeup related giveaway soon but I just need to wait for a little bit more money to enter my bank account as I am skint a little bit short of money, so I decided to do a giveaway for advertising on my blog. I have nearly hit 500 GFC followers, and have 267 Bloglovin' followers so I wanted to say thank you!

So I may well be introducing these advertising packages to my blog soon, but first I thought I would do a giveaway for them. So sticking with the french theme (because of my blog name!) I thought I would name the 3 packages after 3 of the largest cities in France.

I will allocate these so the first selected winner gets the Paris package, 2nd & 3rd the Marseille package etc.


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5 available.

The ads will be placed in ad order, therefore Paris will remain the highest, followed by Marseille, followed by Lyon. The Marseille and Lyon advertisers will have their links moved throughout the month so that all advertisers have their turn being at the top of their section.

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Tuesday 2 July 2013

Lip Picks for Spring/Summer

Warning this is a picture heavy post! I don't know about you, but lip products are definitely one of my most favourite, if not my favourite makeup products. I have nudish/red lips which are pretty boring so I love to liven them up with a lipstick/gloss etc. and I love to wear different lip products that match my outfits etc. so I thought I would write this post for any other lip product addicts!

I store my favourite lip products at the time in this pot which is a Herbal Essences Hair Mask pot with the label taken off on my dressing table and I find that this works really well for me.