Thursday 30 May 2013

Escentially Smooth*

So, although the weather isn't currently supporting my point, it is the time of year where the sun should be out and it should be shorts season! We were lucky enough to get 2 beautiful days earlier this week but now it looks like yet again we have been blessed with English weather again.

Hair removal creams are, in my opinion, one of the best hair removal methods. Entirely because they are:
a) Quick and easy
c) Give good results.

This Escentially smooth hair removal cream contains:
 Aloe Vera 'Soothing and cooling Aloe Vera is rich in amino acids, vitamins A, C, F, B , Niacin and traces of Vitamin B12' 
Lotus Flower 'from the Lotus Blossom botanical family, renowned for permanently staying clean. Prevents water loss and protects the skin, offering optimal hydration' 
and finally Aromaguard 'A pioneering fragrance technology, using a counteractant to virtually eliminate the malodour in hair removal creams. Replacing them with a desirable fragrance, on first contact and throughout application.'

Now onto the review. I think that the lotus flower and aloe vera in this definitely do work to retain moisture, because one of my biggest pet peves with some hair removal creams is how dry they can make your skin afterwards and you have to apply a generous layer of body lotion to try and counteract this whereas with this product you do not have to do this. It removes hair within 5 minutes, and leaves skin looking very smooth. 

This has a very easy application, with a thick cream that you apply using the tool and then you leave it on for 5 minutes before removing the cream with the spatula tool. It comes off very easily and brings everything with it too. The other thing I love about this product is how convenient it is, and although it is only 100ml I have used it 3 times already on my legs and have only used about 1/3 of the bottle, which is great. This also doesn't sting, I am sure if you left it on longer than the maximum time of 10 minutes it would start to, but as long as you follow the instructions this does not leave your skin sore, and I have especially sensitive skin.

I think that although this is more expensive than shaving, you definitely do not have to use it as often as you would have to shave and this makes it a lot more convenient than shaving, which I like. 

The one thing I don't like about this product, is the smell. Although it claims to have Aromaguard which gives it a 'desirable smell', I am afraid I cannot agree with this. I don't like the smell at all, it is very chemical like and it very unpleasant. It is not as bad as other hair removal creams I have tried, and it is not so overpowering that I can't use this but because they are clamiming it has 'no nasty smell!' I think this, unfortunately is a false claim. Although it is definitely better and more pleasant than other hair removal creams, it still has the horrible chemical smell to it.

This retails for £5.99 and you can buy it in Boots.

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Sunday 26 May 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Review

Cherry Cherry Bang Bang

The Sky's the Limit


Yellow Kitty
(Sorry I have just realized this is the swatch to the left - not in the middle)

Today I am going to be reviewing the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes, I am so glad that these are not a bit more accessible in the UK, although still not in every Boots store. I ordered these 4 off Fragrance Direct a couple of weeks ago, and have since fallen in love with them. I had tried one of these before in Lagoon which I loved, but I have lost it. 

These are fantastic, because they really are above and beyond many other nail polishes. I painted my Mum's nails with 'Cherry Cherry Bang Bang' last week and didn't apply a top coat, yet it lasted for a whole week, and after a week there was only a tiny bit of wear on the ends of her nails. She had even been out gardening twice!

The other great thing about these polishes are they are lovely and opaque and you could get away with just one coat, although I usually apply 2 coats just out of habit. They are opaque and they have a lovely glossy finish which I personally love. They apply very easily and they have a lovely brush that is slightly tapered at the end, which makes them very easy to apply. They dry quickly and they dry very smooth. Some polishes can dry bubbly or slightly streaky but these don't do this at all.

These polishes are 14.7ml which means they are just 0.3ml smaller than the OPI polishes. They retail for £6.99, although I bought mine off Fragrance Direct for £1.49. These however even at full price are very good value for money, they are great polishes and they are almost as big as OPI polishes which will set you back £11. They have a great colour selection and I personally love the shape and look of the bottles.

What do you think of the Sally Hansen polishes?
Have you tried them?

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Friday 24 May 2013

Nail Polish Collection

Hey Everyone!

About a week ago my nail wheels that I ordered arrived and I have finally finished swatching them so I thought I would share my nail polish collection through swatches! So I hope you enjoy this post, I know I love reading them. Also just before I start this is not to brag about my collection or anything like this, it is simply to help people find new colours that they love.

So onto the swatches:

(sorry the numbers are so tiny!)
  1. Barry M Blue Moon
  2. Models Own Indian Ocean
  3. Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream
  4. MeMeMe Serene
  5. Models Own Beth's Blue
  6. Sally Hansen Blue Skies
  7. Random Nail Polish off a Market Stall
  8. Barry M Turquoise
  9. Rimmel Azure
  10. Catrice Blue's Brothers II

 Bright Pinks
  1. Natural Collection Raspberry
  2. Biss (Unsure of the name)
  3. MUA Bright Coral
  4. 17 Pink Grapefruit
  5. Rimmel Pop Your Pink
  6. Rimmel Fuchsia Flash
  7. No7 Passion Pink
  8. NYC Rosy Knows
  9. Random Nail Polish off a Stall
  10. Barry M Fuschia
  11. Max Factor Disco Pink
  12. No7 Jammy


  1. Need Me Purple
  2. Technic Be Dazzle
  3. Models Own Ibiza Mix
  4. OPI (Unsure of the name - it was a mini)
  5. Rimmel Disco Ball
  6. Models Own Juicy Jules
  7. Models Own Silver Fox
  8. Laval Glitter Dazzle

  1. 17 Moon Dust
  2. Natural Collection Twinkleberry
  3. Essie All Tied Up
  4. Revlon Endless Possibilities
  5. Models Own Peach Puff
  6. No7 Oyster
  7. OPI Chicago Champagne Toast
  8. Little BU Kyra
  9. 17 Toasted Almonds
  10. Primark Gold
  11. Revlon Gold Foil
  12. Models Own Gold digger

  1. L&B (Unknown Name)
  2. Technic Arctic
  3. MUA Pistachio Ice Cream
  4. Barry M Mint Green
  5. Models Own Jade Green
  6. Essence Lime It Up

  1. Barry M Black Crackle
  2. Claire's Black
  3. Rimmel Your Majesty
  4. No7 Winter's Tale
  5. Sally Hansen Ion
  6. Essie Waltz
  7. Barry M White

Light Pinks
  1. 2 True Shade 7
  2. L'Oreal Opera Ballerina
  3. Claire's Pink Sparkle
  4. Random Nail Polish off Market Stall
  5. No7 Milan
  6. BHS Peach Pink
  7. Mei Linda P74
  8. Mei Linda P30
  9. Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream
  10. 17 Luau
  11. Essie We're In It Together
  12. Essie Cascade Cool
  13. Essie Virgin Orchid
  14. MeMeMe Playful
  15. OPI Japanese Rose Garden

Yellows & Oranges
  1. Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty
  2. Barry M Lemon Ice Cream
  3. Ciate Yellow Tazi
  4. Models Own Beach Party
  5. IDIE Orange
  6. Models Own Peach Sherbet
  7. Barry M Coral
  8. Collection Fruit Salad
  9. Rimmel In Style Coral

  1. Barry M Bright Red
  2. Essie Snap Happy
  3. 17 Knockout Red
  4. OPI Red My Fortune Cookie
  5. Bourjois 14
  6. Essie Leading Lady
  7. Revlon Ruby Ribbon
  8. OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ
  9. Max Factor Ruby Fruit

  1. Little BU Chloe
  2. Laval (Unknown name)
  3. Sally Hansen Cherry Cherry Bang Bang
  4. OPI The Colour to Watch
  5. Catrice Purpleized 
  6. MUA Plum Noir
  7. MUA Deepest Purple
  8. Avon Decadence
  9. Essence Where's The Party?
  10. Catrice Iron Mermadien
  11. Essie Neo Whimsical
  12. Natural Collection Lunar Haze
  13. Calar Colour
  14. MUA Shade 12
  15. Barry M Berry Ice Cream
  16. MUA Frozen Youghurt
  17. MUA Moody Mink
  18. Models Own Lilac Dream
Thanks for reading!

What is your favorite nail polish brand?
Leave me a comment!


Sunday 19 May 2013

Colour Wow Root Cover Up*

Hi Everyone,

Back with another post, I am hoping to start blogging a bit more regularly know as I have finally managed to get rid of my migraine!

Anyway I am here reviewing the Colour Wow Root Cover Up for you! About 8 weeks ago I got some highlights put through my hair which made my hair quite a lot lighter and I am well in need of them doing again, however with exams and everything I currently don't have a spare 6 hours to go and sit in a salon and have my roots touched up so when I was asked if I would like to review these Colour Wow Root Cover Up's I jumped at the chance because I thought how perfect!

I received two of these kits, one aimed for light brown hair and one for blonde. My highlights have left my hair somewhere in between blonde and brown because I had some darker, and some lighter highlights put through my hair. 

What the company says: 'Camouflage your roots for perfect colour everyday. This professional powder compound was formulated to adhere to hair without being sticky or oily and without looking dry. Covers grey roots instantly and camouflages re-growth on lightened/highlighted hair. Hair retains its shine and natural feel. Dramatically extends the time between colouring'

Now onto the review, these kits are honestly fantastic! When I first received them I was very sceptical about them because I thought they would be more of a gimmick product and wouldn't actually cover my roots up. I also thought that even if they did make my hair look blonder at the top they wouldn't last very long and how wrong I was.

I used the blonde kit on my hair to touch up my highlights, and the brown kit on my Mum to cover up her grey roots so I can give you a review for two kinds of root touch ups.

I will start off with how well it covers naturally coloured hair. I have quite dark brown roots, they are not extremely dark but I would say they are a medium brown. This blonde powder covers these very well! I find where the most predominant highlights are in my hair and where the brown has come through at the roots I applied the blonde powder with the brush that comes with the kit. You need to put about 2 or 3 layers on each strand to make sure you get the blonde the same colour as your hair. What is great about this kit is it will work for all kinds of blonde hair, because if you have a darker blonde you don't need to build this up as much, or if you have a lighter blonde you can build it up more.

After applying this to my roots I gave it the day test and it worked very well! It stayed in all day and made my hair look like it had been re highlighted and boy did it make my hair look so much better without those horrendous brown roots. I even went to sleep with this on and I woke up in the morning and the powder was still there. This washes out when you shampoo your hair which is obviously understandable but it is water resistant so it doesn't come out if it rains.

Now onto the second part of the review, how it worked on grey roots. I would say it worked better on the grey roots. As you will know if you are greying, grey hair is very stubborn to cover but this really covers them. I am not sure about how well the blonde would work as I didn't try that on grey roots, but the brown worked very well. It covered up my Mums white/grey roots and it lasted over night. She loves this and I have given it to her now because it makes it so much easier to go that bit longer without having to redye your roots. This lasted on my Mum for 2 days and then she washed her hair but I think that is pretty impressive lasting power. The great thing is this also doesn't make your hair look oily or greasy at all.

Being forgetful like I am I completely forgot to take a picture of my Mums hair before I put this in, but as you can see this powder has completely gotten rid of her roots. She had roots of about 1cm of grey hair and as you can see from the picture they have completely gone which is great.

These retail at £28.50 a kit, which although sounds initially very expensive it is supposed to last for 60 applications,and although I have only used this about 4 or 5 times, there is not much of a dent in the powders above as you can see. That works out at 48p per application which is extremely cheap when you think about it!

These are available in Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown and you can buy them here

Thanks for Reading

What do you think of products like these?

Would you buy one?


Saturday 11 May 2013

Festival Releases From Lanolips! *

Hi Everyone!

I am now back from my mini break from blogging - I am feeling much better now and would like to say a massive thankyou to you all for your kind words. 

Anyone, on a cheerier note I have some Festival products from Lanolips to share with you all!

Golden Ointment*

101 Ointment*

Golden Ointment:

What They Say: This vintage-inspired handbag-sized tin contains the famed 100% natural Golden Ointment formula.  This Super Moisturiser for extremely dry skin areas is perfect to keep on hand to smooth rough patches on elbows, spruce up cuticles or tame fly-away hair.  Rich and thick, it is enhanced with healing antibacterial Manuka honey, making it a great beauty rescue remedy for firstsigns dry skin or pimples, so you can enjoy any music festivals worry-free . Housed in a light-weight tin, Golden Ointment in this a mini marvel set to be a new handbag hero.
What I say: I love this oitment, at first I was using it for my lips which works great even  in the day time because it is no thicker than your average lip balm that comes in a tin, however because I was trialling out the 101 ointment at the same time I decided to use this on my heels and elbows because I am currently using my gradual tanners to get a more sunkissed look since I am feeling a bit like a ghost at the moment.

I used this prior to fake tan, first I applied my Shea Butter body lotion from the Body Shop and then I applied this to my knees, elbows and heels and left it on over night before using my gradual tanner the next morning. When I woke up the next morning - and this is 100% honest - I could not believe how soft my heels, elbows and knees where. I have seriously dry skin and a lot of the time when I use any kind of tanning product I just cannot make my skin be soft enough for it not to cling to the dry patches, but with this my skin was almost as smooth as the rest of my body which was fantastic and made such a difference to the look of my fake tan afterwards.

This is a great little product to take with you on holiday if you want a bit of fake tan to kick  start your bronzed complexion, or to use at home. It takes up literally no room in your case/bag and you could even have it in your handbag if flying.

This is £7.99 for 12.5g - a complete bargain! And it will last forever
101 Ointment:

What They Say:  "a lovely creamy lip treatment that has an exclusive formula able to hold over 200% of its own weight in moisture, which works quickly to relieve and repair dry, cracked and scaly lips. This Multi-purpose Ointment not only gives a naturally high gloss to lips it can also be used as a quick fix to groom brows or add a little sheen to eyelids and cheekbones. The perfect product for ensuring your skin stays fresh this festival season."
What I Say: I love this ointment because it is great for my seriously dry lips. Because the weather can't make its mind up as whether to be hot or cold it has really been taking its toll on my lips and making them very dry and chapped all the time, and my regular chap stick just can't keep up with it.

This isn't great for the day time though because it is extremely thick, you have to warm it between your thumb and first finger before applying it because, although not solid, it is pretty close to being solid. However if applying this at night this isn't a problem. I like to apply this every night before I go to bed so that my lips can be deeply moisturised over night and I wake up the next morning with very moisturised lips. But if you really can't deal with very thick lip balms/ ointments then this probably isn't for you.

I also think this is great for a festival or going on holiday when you can only take something small because it can hold 200% of its own weight in moisture which is great. You get 9g and it retails at £7.99 which is a great price because it will last you for a long time! This is also a multi purpose balm so you could use it on cracked heels or dry skin aswell which makes it a really great multi tasking product.

Thanks for reading
What are your festival/holiday essentials?


Friday 3 May 2013

Guest Post // Managing Being a Blogger

*This is a guest post by the lovely Liz, thanks for an amazing post! And thanks for Jess for organising this guest post swap, it has been so much fun!*

Today I am writing to you about how to manager being a blogger and going to school/college, working fulltime, etc. It is not as easy as it seems but here are a few tips and tricks I have discovered along the way.

1) Create a list of all your ideas for posts and/or videos
This way you don't have to spend extra time thinking about post ideas. You can already have your ideas ready for when you go to shoot the photos/videos. Also, carry a notebook with you to write any ideas that come to mind throughout the day/week.

2) Find one day to edit/film/upload your posts and/or videos
I find this extremely helpful when you are working fulltime or going to college/school. You will have a designated time to work on all your material for the upcoming week. That way you don't have to be stressed or worried about not finding time to work on your blog.

3) Schedule posts/videos
Blogger and Wordpress both have the function to schedule your posts. This way you can write them up and have them stored away and ready to be posted throughout the week. I find this useful when I know I am going to have a very busy week and will not have time to get on my computer/phone/tablet to post on your blog. You can choose whatever time of day, or day of the week to post. The only thing about this that annoys me is with Blogger, you can't automatically tweet the posts to your followers (if you know a way to do this please let me know!), but you can post it to a Google+ account.

4) Guest posts
Work with other bloggers, companies, etc. to have guest posts on your blog. This way, you still have content to post, you just don't have to worry about writing it yourself. It gives the writer exposure on your blog, while making your blog the medium for the post. I find this works great when you go away on vacation, so you always have something to post

I hope this was helpful

xx Liz

Twitter @lizlovesmakeup