About Me

Welcome to Beaumaquillagex, Beauty and fashion lover, although this blog is mainly aimed at beauty and hopefully soon some more lifestyle posts! If you enjoy reading my blog please follow so that you can keep up to date with my posts and become part of my blog! Thanks for reading.

I post hauls, reviews and many other beauty related posts on my blog and I try and have a new post up every other day so that there are always new posts to read. I love writing my posts and hearing back from my wonderful readers, all of your comments and follows make my day! Make sure you say hello whether it is in the comments, by email or twitter(see 'Contact')


  1. you have awesome photos! What camera do you use? :)

    1. Thankyou :) I use the Fujifilm finepix s5700, I use that for all pictures on my blog & for my header, but I didn't use it for any photos on the about page, apart from the header:Dxx

  2. Your blog is so beautiful! How did you make your header? xx Check out my blog?



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