Tuesday 25 December 2012

Little BU Nail Polish*

*UPDATE- I received an email from Little BU explaining that these nail polishes are supposed to wash off to make them more friendly for people at school who need to remove their nail polish when at school*

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I have been absent from blogging, I promise I haven't given up! It's just I am in my final year of GCSE and I have exams left, right and centre :( I have also been busy organising and finalising my secret Santa. Anyways, today I have a review for you!

I was sent these two nail polishes in the shades Chloe(pinky purple shade) and Kyra(the shimmery gold colour) when I was asked if I would like to try these I jumped at the chance because not only am I a nail polish addict! But they are toxin free.

These nail varnishes are non-toxic and odourless. I was really excited by this concept because my nails are quite weak due to non stop painting my nails since being about 10, so I thought it would be great to give these a go. So anyways onto the review.

These are two very beautiful colours and they build up well with 2 or 3 coats, the gold shimmery polish works nicely as a kind of top coat if you just put one layer over another polish. Which is fantastic because these have no chemicals I was assuming they would be very sheer but this is not the case. However the main problem with these polishes is that even after having left them to dry for a good 39 minutes they came straight off my nails when I washed my hands! This really upset me because it all seemed to be going so well :( I tried again another few times and again they washed off which really disappointed me because I wanted them to work.

I might give these another go and let them dry a bit longer and see if this makes them work better but for now I am a bit disappointed :( I will definitely do an updated review soon and see if I can make them work!

Thanks for reading and I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas! Leave me a comment with what you got, and also please comment if you'd like to see some things I got :D


Saturday 15 December 2012


Recently I was contacted about a new website named 'Malzee' which is a website designed to create a new and fun shopping experience with lots of benefits. Here is some information from Malzee to explain a bit more about it.

'Mallzee is all about creating a new experience for shopping online. Users create their own personalized shopping mall (Mallzee) by picking their favourite brands and stores. Our fancy software then finds products matching your personal style and showcases them in your Mallzee!

To add a new social aspect users can then invite their friends to ‘visit’ their Mallzee through the use of Facebook chat. Friends can then discuss product choices and star items they think their friends will love and purchase from the mall themselves with great discounts negotiated by us. If your still unable to decided on a purchase you can also create polls to ask your friends opinions before you buy. An added bonus to inviting friends to your mallzee is that as the ‘owner’ you earn money every time anyone buys from your Mallzee! (That's right you get paid when you or your friends shop?)

Currently we have over 200 brands signed up to Mallzee (Urban Outfitters, New Look, Feel Unique and St. Tropez to name a few). We're really keen to get the word out about Mallzee and get future users excited about the concept before we launch later this year. With this in mind people can register now for a launch invite at Mallzee.com and if they spread the word on Facebook or Twitter we will also enter them into a prize for £100/$155 of shopping vouchers and some other goodies.'

I think this is a fantastic idea and I am so pleased to be involved with such a wonderful idea! I like how it makes online shopping even more social and how people can discuss outfits etc. because don't we all want each others opinions on what we're planning on wearing?

Thanks for reading


Sunday 2 December 2012

Hi Everyone!

I am so sorry I haven't been posting much recently, I am off on a trip with school next weekend but I promise after that I will get back into the swing of things. Unfortunately at the moment I have been up to my ears with exams & I have had to work really hard towards them, so I am very sorry.

Also a massive thanks to Kay, you can check out her blog here. Recently I won the West Prize from her East vs. West giveaway & I love all the prizes, it was so generous so thankyou very much!

Here is a picture of everything I won from Kay's blog.

I love everything & I will put up reviews soon :)

Thanks for reading