Saturday 23 November 2013

Ardell 108 Lashes

 I love false lashes, because I have quite short, pale lashes that don't really do anything for me, which is why these Ardell 108 lashes* are perfect for me, because they are natural enough to go out in without looking too dressy. These lashes also feel really good quality and not at all plastic. n.b. these lashes do not come with glue.

So now onto before and after shots, excuse the tired eyes!

As you can see, these lashes add length, without looking unnatural. Excuse where the lashes have gone strange on the inner corner, it was a windy day and I took these when I got back which is why those dreadful under eye bags have started to show,(sorry).

These last really nicely, and I personally think they look really natural and not at all plasticy or cheap. I would definitely recommend these if you are looking for a nice pair of lashes! You can pick these up  here for £4.49 with free 1st class delivery! These are also available in brown, and this site stocks a huge range of false lashes if these aren't for you!

Thanks for reading