Monday 29 October 2012

Spending Ban Update #8

Hey Everyone!

So I know this is one day late but hey ho! I have been off school since Thursday so the clock in my head is messed up as to which day it is. So as of yesterday I have done 56 days, so 44 days to go!(Now 57 days down, 43 to go)

This week has been another pretty easy week but there have been one or two things on my wishlist so here goes:

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean facewash
The past few weeks my skin has been an absolute nightmare, and has been breaking out like mad which is not fun, MissBudgetBeauty loves this cleanser so I thought I'd give it a go. If you have any recommendations of products that work for troublesome skin please leave them below!
(image taken from

Botanics Face Brush
(images taken from

So that is all for this week, if you have any recommendations for products(preferably from the drugstore that are good for troublesome combination skin please leave them below!)

Thanks for reading

Sunday 28 October 2012

Blog Sale

Hey Everyone

So I was routing through my makeup collection and realised there were a few gems that I really don't use, and I would love to earn myself a bit of extra money, so I thought it was time for a blog sale!


Payment will be via Paypal only
Please accept my Paypal request within 24 hours or the product will go to someone else
I will calculate the postage & packing depending on the weight & size of the product to get the best deal for you. 
There will be no returns
If you live abroad I will give you a quote for the postage so please just comment & I'll work it out for you.

Items that are pending will be marked pending
& when sold will be marked sold

Unfortunately the light here in England has been atrocious so I have had to use flash, so some things haven't photographed that true to colour, so please look up swatches on google images.

If you have any queries please just ask me!
Happy Shopping!

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara in Black used once £8(HALF PRICE OF RRP!)
No7 Extravagent Lashes in Black used once £5
(both used with a disposable wand)

Lee Stafford Bling for Brunettes used once £3

Max Factor Creme Puff in Candle Glow, never used but packaging slightly scratched.
£3 each or both for £5

MUA Lipstick in Shade 12 Swatched
MUA Lipstick in Shade 3 Swatched
Superdrug Cranberry & Pomegranate Used once
75p each or all 3 for £1.50

Topshop Bronzer in Radiance 1 used 3 or 4 times £3(or this & the MeMeMe Boho Balm for £5)
Collection 2000 Mosaic Bronzer used twice £1

MeMeMe Boho Balm in Coral Taupe swatched £3 
Physicians Formula Blush in Rose Used once £3 SOLD
Or both for £5

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Citrus slice Used x4

Bourjois Baked Eyeshadows
Prune Envoutant 25
Brun Astral 33
Praline Astral 31

Usage as shown
£2 each or all 3 for £5

If you would like anything please leave a comment with which items you would like & your email address, first come first serve. If the payment via PayPal is not accepted within 24 hours the item will go to the next person.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner*

When I was asked if I would like to try some John Frieda products, I jumped at the chance. When I had ombré hair, I always used their purple shampoo to get rid of the brassy tones at the ends of my hair and make it more blonde, I thought it worked so well. I was sent this Full Repair Conditioner & a serum(review to come) to try, and I love it!

I have always straightened and styled my hair, and never properly looked after it, up until about a year ago when I got massively obsessed and started trying out every conditioner! My hair is naturally very dry, it always has been, and so I have come to find out that I need to use a deep conditioner at least twice a week to keep in the moisture.

This conditioner is just like a deep conditioner. On the back of the bottle it recommends that you leave it on 3-5 minutes, my hairdresser told me that this meant it would be a better and deeper conditioning conditioner. I leave this on for 5 minutes and when I wash it out my hair has never felt so soft! Since using this I have noticed a definite improvement in the condition of my hair, not only does it straighten better, but it is more shiny & soft, easier to manage & style, and much much less frizzy. Even if I go back to a different conditioner for one wash, my hair still retains the moisture that this conditioner has given it.

The conditioner is a thick white conditioner and feels very creamy, it has the typical 'John Frieda' scent which smells absolutely lush. It lingers in your hair, but isn't too overpowering which is another positive to this product.

I think this whole range is very effective, and I know that FleurDeForce loves it too. It is great for overstyled and damaged hair, and I know that I will continue to repurchase this again and again.

Thanks for reading
What is your favourite conditioner?

Sunday 21 October 2012

Spending Ban Update #7

So 7 weeks down, 49 days down, 51 to go! Almost halfway through this challenge, and it is going fantastically *touchwood*, it feels like only a day ago that I was writing last Sunday's update post. It is getting to the point now where I am finding it a lot easier to go into Boots or Superdrug & not be tempted by anything. I am so happy about this, because I have far too much makeup and need to get through some of it before spending anymore! 

So this week I am extremely proud to say, I don't want anything! Not one single thing, beauty wise anyway! There are plenty of fashion items I want. The only things I still want are everything on my previous wishlists & some foreign makeup, so I am very excited to receive my parcel from my secret santa Nancy, who lives in America!

Thanks for reading

Better than Yankee Candle for £1.99?!

I am constantly on the hunt for a candle that makes the whole room smell lovely! I absolutely love strong candles, and so far I have found the only ones I have every bought that make the whole room smell are Yankee Candles, they are lovely & I love the packaging, but they are so expensive. My Gran has an outlet near her that sell them cheaper, so I usually buy one there, but I am always on the hunt for a cheaper alternative.
Last week whilst in Tesco with my Mum we were looking at the candles, and we saw that Glade had a new limited edition candle out, so we had a smell and it was gorgeous! I bought myself one and took it home.

So I have been burning this every day this week since last Saturday and it still hasn't run out! It says its burn time is 30 hours and I would say that's very accurate. This makes the whole room smell absolutely gorgeous, it kind of smells similar to Hollister, those of us who love Hollister will know what I mean ;)
This even makes my whole landing smell, and when anyone walks past my door they comment on how nice this candle smells.

The smell of this stays the whole time you are burning it and for about an hour or so afterwards too which is absolutely fantastic. I went to Tesco again yesterday and picked up another one of these, and it is safe to say I will definitely be stocking up on these for when they discontinue them.

I can not believe that this candle only costs £1.99, it is absolutely fantastic. I haven't tried any of the other candles from the Glade range, but I think I will buy another one to compare it to this one.
I think everyone should have one of these in their lives!
Thanks for reading

What is your favourite candle?

Saturday 20 October 2012

Nourish Radiance Collection Review *

Hey Everyone!

So sorry I haven't been around much this week, but I have been so bogged down with exams this week. So I am going to be writing more posts this weekend, to make sure I am not absent for as long again!

So a couple of weeks ago Rebecca from Nourish Skincare sent me a small pot of body butter to try from their Radiance collection, I absolutely loved it and so she sent me the full size body butter & a shower gel to try, so I am going to be reviewing them today.

Radiance Shower Gel*

Radiance Body Butter*

Radiance Body Butter*

'Nourish uses advanced ingredients to nurture the skin that nature gave you.
By understanding the science behind the behaviour of different skin types, and by taking account of individual lifestyles and needs, the Nourish system offers an adaptable skincare solution delivering specific nutrients to effectively support and enhance your skin's health.
Our skin is a dynamic organ, not simply a surface, but an active interface between our outside world and our inside world, affected every day by both internal and external influences. The way our skin reacts to those influences, how it looks and ages, is most influenced by two factors: core skin type and lifestyle.'
The products from the Radiance line are 93% organic.

Taken from the Nourish website which you can check out here

So onto the products, I will start with the body butter.

This is amazing! I can't actually get over how nice the smell of this is. It smells like roses, but instead of the usual fake rose smell, which although beautiful smells absolutely nothing like roses, this body butter smells like a real rose. I don't know how they have managed to capture such a wonderful scent but it is absolutely wonderful. This body butter really moisturises the skin, and it feels like a cross between a cream and a gel. This rubs into the skin pretty well, and absorbs quickly which is great, and means you don't have to wait around whilst it absorbs. I apply this before I go to bed, and when I wake up the next morning my skin feels lovely and soft. The other wonderful thing about this body butter, is on my shins I have extremely dry skin, and nothing ever moisturises it enough to get rid of the dry skin, but this body butter does, and after having used it for a few days it had completely gotten rid of the dry skin. I have now been using this for about a month, and it has seriously sorted out the dry skin on my shins. Also a little bit of this goes a long way, and it is not greasy. The scent lingers on your skin for a good hour or so, and if you sleep with this on it makes your duvet smell gorgeous! Overall a 10/10 from me.

Now onto the shower gel:

This shower gel is a kind of clear yellow liquid. It smells similar to the body butter with the same undertone of rose, but also smells like honey and jasmine. I like this shower gel and the scent lingers on your skin for a few hours which is nice. The only problem I experienced with this shower gel was that it doesn't lather up as easily as other shower gels and took a little more work, but I think that because this uses mainly natural ingredients, this can be excused. The great thing about this is that it works well with the body butter, if you use the body butter afterwards, and makes the whole bathroom smell lovely. I also love that know you're being good to your skin, because they are 93% natural, and don't contain as many chemicals.

I really love both these products and would recommend them both to anyone!

Now here are the pictures of the products you will receive, mine look different because they are PR Samples.

Thanks for reading

What are your favourite skincare products?

Sunday 14 October 2012

100 Day Spending Ban Update #6

Hey Everyone!

I can't believe I have already done 6 weeks of this! It is going so well, and I finally have enough money to buy more clothes(big haul coming soon!) I did this spending ban so that I would have more money to spend on other things, namely clothes, and so I am very happy to see it paying off.

So 6 weeks or 42 days down, 58  to go! I am so nearly half way through.

Onto the wishlist:

Models Own Wonderland Collection
(image taken from Models Own's Facebook page)

Barry M Once Upon A Time Nail Polish
(image taken from Barry M's Facebook Page)

Yankee Candle Spiced Orange
(image taken from

So my wishlist isn't too big this week, I have been mainly lusting after nail polish, and when my friend & I went shopping we went into TK Maxx and they had reduced, Models Own, Barry M & OPI, it was so hard trying to stop myself buying some. But I managed it, so that made me very happy.

If you're doing this spending ban, or any other type of spending ban please leave me a link below, I would love to see how you're getting on.

Thanks for reading

What's on your wishlist?

Thursday 11 October 2012

KKCenterhk Haul *

Hi Everyone

So a few weeks ago Maggie from KKCenterhk asked if I would like to review some nail products, and I said I would love to. So here is what she sent me & if you click on the description of the product it will take you to that product link. Reviews will follow shortly. This is an international based company and they were very quick and efficient at shipping, everything arrived safely, and they were very good at communicating throughout.

They also gave me a discount code to share with you all!

(Click on the picture & it will take you to the website)

Just enter 'beaumaquillagex' at the checkout to get 10% off! Valid until January 2013.

This company do much more than just nails, they do false lashes, makeup etc.

Thanks for reading

**Disclaimer- All items in this post were sent to me to review **

Wednesday 10 October 2012

How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish Easily!

Hey Everyone!

So we all have that glitter polish that we love, and would wear every day if we had the chance, but it's such a pain to remove and takes so long that we can never be bothered to wear it, or when we do we regret it. Sick of ripping 1,000,000 cotton wool pads trying to get that glitter polish off? Then stay tuned for my simple, quick, easy & stress free way to remove glitter polish.

Cut two and a half cotton pads into quarters, and cut 10 strips of tin foil about an inch thick, and 2 or 3 inches wide. You will also need some nail varnish remover.

Soak the quarter of cotton wool in the nail polish remover, and put on your nail.

Wrap a strip of tin foil around your finger, and make sure the cotton wool stays on the nail.

Do this to all 10 fingers(or 2 thumbs and 8 fingers) and leave for 5 minutes. More stubborn polishes may need 10, but I have found 5 works well for most glitter nail polishes.

After 5 minutes of looking gorgeous, with your star wars-esque looking fingers, twist the foil back and forth one or two times and pull them off your fingers. Then you will be left with nails looking like these!(I took this photo immediately after taking the foil off.

Here's the glitter on my nails before I removed it!

Here's another example of glitter polish I wore this weekend that came off exactly the same:

I hope you found this helpful, let me know what you think and tell me if you try this!

Thanks for reading

What's your favourite glitter polish?