Friday 30 August 2013

August Favourites 2013 || Makeup

Hello lovelies,

so I have decided to start doing favourites posts again, so if you enjoy this let me know in the comments, and leave me the links to your favourites posts too! I am going to be doing my favourites in 3 parts: Makeup, Haircare & Skincare. If you would like a random favourites post too, please let me know!

First up MACs paintpot in 'Bare Study' I have recently rediscovered this again and it makes the perfect base for all eyeshadows giving them a beautiful shimmer, and it works great as a base colour or in the inner corner to really open up your eyes!

Thursday 29 August 2013

Fashion Haul #1 | ASOS, H&M, & Debenhams

Sorry I am a bit late posting my first post after getting back from holiday but I have been super jet lagged so my days have been a bit messed up and crazy and I have been sleeping for most of them! I also had results day and have some Sixth Form work to do, but now I am back and blogging! 

Here is the first of 3(possible 4 - I'm going shopping on Monday!) hauls. I have a few more bits coming from H&M and then a beauty haul too! But here is my recent haul from ASOS, H&M and Debenhams. I did have a few more pairs of shoes and trousers from H&M but unfortunately they didn't fit so I had to send them back. All of these were purchased in the sale, but unfortunately the only "before" price I can remember is for the Espadrilles.
 Left Pastel Pink Sneakers from H&M(although they are more of a gold colour!) £5
Faith Blue Glitter Canvas Espadrilles from Debenhams £14  £3.36
ASOS Swing Dress £16.50

H&M Patterned Top £4

H&M Linen Top £4

H&M Top £2

H&M Ankle Length Patterned Trousers from the Conscience Collection £8

H&M Bodycon £2 

H&M Patterned Felt Skirt £2

So I hope you enjoyed my little clothing haul, and I will be uploading my beauty haul on Saturday!

Thanks for reading

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Tuesday 20 August 2013

From the Archives || MUA Blushers

I have decided that because the picture and content quality of some of my old blog posts from when I started my blog are absolutely horrendous that I would start to do a "from the archives" series where I re write reviews from my blog and re take photos with my current camera which is a lot better than the webcam I was using! So I hope you enjoy these updated posts and you may re discover some products you haven't used for a while! So for the first post in this series I will be re reviewing the MUA blushers, however please note these are the old versions, not the newly released ones.

Sunday 18 August 2013

REVIEW || Barry M Dazzle Dust

Ever since being given 3 of these at the Clothes Show in my Barry M Goodie Bag, I have fallen in love with the dazzle dusts! The two other shades I got were a green and a purple so I don't tend to wear those but I love these!

Just something I want to get out of the way first though, last week I was watching Tati from a GlamLifeGuru 's London haul and she picked one of these up and on the back it said 'Do not use around the eyes', this really confused me? Because on the Boots and Barry M website it markets these as an eyeshadow and Barry M even suggest using this as an eyeliner and an eyeshadow, so if anyone knows anything about this please leave a comment, it would be greatly appreciated! Now onto the review.

Guest Post #1 || What's On My Face

Hi lovelies! I've taken over for today's post here on Beaumaquillagex, while she's in Cuba - Nope not jealous at all! My name is Marie-Louise and I have a blog where I write about whatever my heart desires - beauty, lifestyle and a bit of fashion. So while Beau is getting tanned on a beach I'm going to entertain you with a What's On My Face.

I thought I would do a WOMF for todays post so you can get to know me a little better. It is a simpel, natural and fresh look.

These bits are some of my favourites at the moment. As it is hot, hot, HOT outside this summer, I haven't been able to wear foundation to cover up some imperfections, but my Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector works great on my skin, it takes the redness without covering too much. I know that there are both negative and positive reviews out there but I find that this works perfectly as a 'tinted moisturiser'. So when I want to use this BB cream I'm not applying moisturiser first. To get a bronz-y sunkissed look I'm currently loving my The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in Medium Matte. It is the perfect shade and I'm going to hit pan soon - that is how much I love it! 

Something I often think about is: We use foundation/BB cream to cover up redness and other impefections, and then we go and apply blusher to look fresh? I don't know if it is just me being weird? ;) Lets stay on track. My favourite blusher this summer is my Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie. I was one of the lucky ones who got some bits from the #twitter50 sale a couple of months ago. I did a haul, showing you what I got in the sale here -if you are feeling nosey. I'm definitely going to get my hands in some more. For highlighter I love my Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora which I also got in the sale. It is just beautiful! 
For the eyes I just rediscovered this beloved eyeshadow from Rimmel London in 030 Smokey Quartz. On the back it is described as perfect for blue eyes but I would also say it is perfect for brown eye! It's a perfect brown-shimmery-grey - if you know what I mean. It is perfect for just a wash over the lid. A liquid eyeliner is a must in my book. This L'Oréal Super Liner Garbon Gloss is perfect for the outer corner of the lid. It has a big-fat felt tip which I love for this purpose. To brighten up my eye I apply Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude. It gives my eye a more awakening and fresh look and I must say that this eyeliner is Ah-mazing
For mascara I love, LOVE Maybelline The Rocket. It gives my lashes length and volume! Can't say much about it other than, go get it if you don't already have it. You will thank me later! For bottom lashes I use my Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara which has a tiny brush that fits perfectly for the bottom lashes. 

Lastly for my lippies I just got my hands in this Clinique Chubby Stick in Roomiest Rose! I love it, but I really want to try some other, cheaper, versions of this :) So if you have any recommendations, let me know by tweeting (mlhauken) me or commenting on this post :)

This was my WOMF at the moment! Hope you liked it, if you did you can find more posts over on where I'm also running a international giveaway <3 

Thanks so much for reading and thanks to the lovely Liv for letting me guest post while she is getting all tanned! ;) 

Have a lovely day <3 


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A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Marie-Louise! Love these products :D Make sure you go check out Marie-Louise's blog I am currently away so I will reply to all emails/tweets/comments when I am back in 2 weeks or when I have wifi. I will hand it over to my beautiful guest posters to reply to the comments on their posts.

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Saturday 17 August 2013

Guest Post #13 || Top Summer Must Haves

*smile & wave*

Well hello there lovely people!  I initially just want to say thank you to beaumaquillagex for letting me guest post for her, I feel so honoured.  (I'm also extremely jealous of her holiday plans!)

In honour of her little trip away, and with this glorious weather we have been having, I decided to do a summer must haves, but with a slight twist. Oohhhh intriguing... (Yes, I know summer posts are a little past it now but I want the sun to last as long as possible please.)

Just a little list of beauty and fashion must haves, but I also wanted to sneak in a few other bits and bobs too.  Shall we get started?

oOo SPF WTF? oOo

I don't need to preach about how important SPF is.  Whether you're spending time in your garden, or jetting off into lands unknown a good SPF with both UVA and UVB protection is a definite must.  Just as a warning, a few cheaper brands like Hawaiin Tropic only have the UVA protection, which yes will protect you from sun damage but will not stop your skin from the premature ageing effects that UVB rays cause.
My current one in use is the Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Sun Spray

oOo Swimsuit Splashing oOo

If you're like me, you run and hide at the thought of squeezing yourself into a bikini or swimsuit.  It is definitely a must have however as attempting to jump in the sea or pool in a baggy TShirt and shorts is neither comfortable or attractive (I would know, I have done it several times).  There are numerous choices out there at this time of year and I always seem to navigate towards the swimsuits that have 'tummy control' branded on them.
My current favourite swimsuit is the Gossard Floral Print Bandeau Plunge Suit from Very.

oOo Drink Me Cool oOo

Aaaaahhhhhh.. What better way to cool off in the heat than a nice refreshing drink.  I feel like I need to cover all bases here so I have two summer must have drinks.
1.  (Non alcoholic) Cranberry juice, lemonade, slice of lime and crushed ice.  I absolutely adore this drink.  It's so refreshing and cool and the flavours compliment each other perfectly.  If you're not a huge fan of cranberry then you can substitute mango or pineapple juice to get that tropical taste.
2. (Alcoholic)  I may be a little biased here as I work for the brewery that produces this but in all honesty I haven't found anything more refreshing lately and that is Carling British Cider.  If you want to be a little more feminine you can always add a dash of blackcurrant juice!

oOo Tune In And Up oOo

I have an extremely eclectic taste in music.  It ranges from Musical Theatre, Trance & Classical to Chart Hits, Acoustic & Indie.  I have too many favourite songs to even begin to start listing some must have tunes, all I'm going to say is you need a good music play list for summer.  Whether you're travelling, having a BBQ or just long walks in the all seems to just go that little bit nicer with some of my favourite music.

oOo  Moisturise Me oOo

Being out in the sun can really cause your skin to dry out.  Even if you're applying SPF in the day it's important to try and cool your skin down and moisturise it when possible.  A great light moisturiser for your face can make you feel refreshed and a good body moisturiser can help to enhance your tan (if you have one) and avoid peeling.
My current favourites are:
For face the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser   
For body the Nivea Body Moisturising Care Firming Body Lotion Q10

oOo Wax On Wax Off oOo

I'm hoping this one is a little self explanatory.  Nobody likes hairy underarms people.  You probably already have you're own hair removal prop but this is definitely a summer must have.  The only tip I can suggest is... whichever hair removal method you choose, exfoliate first and moisturise afterwards.
Currently I'm using the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

oOo Take A Walk With Me oOo

Sandals are definitely on this list.  How could they not be?! Having comfortable footwear that show off those newly pedicured feet are absolutely essential.

oOo I'm Melting oOo

How could you not want ice cream in the beautiful warm weather.  I'm sure its stated somewhere that ice cream releases hormones in your brain to make you happy?  All the more reason to have one.
My favourite one at present is a goof old traditional Mr Whippy with raspberry sauce and a flake.

I know there are so, so, so many more must haves for summer but these are definitely at the top of that very long list for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading.  What do you think would be at the top of your summer must haves?

oOo Becky oOo

*Please be aware that image was not been provided by me but has been edited for this post.

A note from Liv: Thanks for posting Becky! make sure you check out Becky's blog here. I am currently away so I will reply to all tweets/emails/comments when I am back, although I will hand it over to my lovely guest posters to reply to the comments on their posts.

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Friday 16 August 2013

Guest Post #12 || Nail Art Inspired by Beaumaquillagex's Blog Design

Hello Lovelies! I am visiting you from Nail Lacquer blog, my blog is all about nail polish- you can enjoy lots of swatches, nail art and tutorials there. In addition, starting from next month I will be selling my own franken and indie nail polish, make sure to follow me if that is something you would like ;)  However, today I am here to demonstrate you my nail art that was inspired by Beaumaquillagex blog design.
IMGP4678 copy
When I first saw this blog I was amazed with the beautiful design. Not only the well picked color combinations but also the delicate flowers. I love roses and I am totally in love with gray at the moment, however there is no color I love more than pink :P
IMGP4684 copy
For my thumb and index finger I started off with Essie Off The Shoulder, for my middle and ring finger I used Essie Navigate Her and for my pinky I used Essie Maximillian Strasse Her (and obviously a clear base coat under all these colors). I then created the rose petals by mixing Off the Soulder and Go Ginza and drawing with a small nail art brush. For the leaves I used the same brush and Essie Mojito Madness and Maximillian Strasse Her polishes. I finished the nail art by adding dots with a dotting tool. I then added one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dry for a super glossy finish.
IMGP4708 copy
IMGP4698 copy

Thank you for reading everybody, it has been a great pleasure to guest post for Beaumaquillagex and I hope that she is having a great time! xx

A note from Liv: Thankyou so much for posting Ave, I loved how personal your post was to my blog design so thankyou very much! Make sure you head over to her blog and check it out here. I am currently away on holiday so I may not be able to find wifi, so I will reply to all comments/emails/tweets as soon as I can, or when I get back, but I will hand over to my beautiful guest bloggers to reply to comments on their posts.

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Thursday 15 August 2013

Guest Post #11 || Aveeno Moisturising Cream Review

                                                                            Hey lovelies,
I'm Vanese over from Vanzthemachinee where I blog all about beauty and fashion and sometimes throw in the occasional lifestyle post. Today I'll be sharing a review with you all on this Aveeno Moisturising Cream that I've been using for a few months! :)   
Aveeno Moisturising Cream - Superdrug £5.79

I purchased this cream from Superdrug a few months ago. I have eczema and also have quite sensitive skin and the cream I was being prescribed from the doctors just wasn't cutting it for me as I felt I needed something else that would keep my skin feeling really smooth without looking so oily on my skin.

I'd spent hours researching on the internet about what products other people with eczema use. One brand of cream that kept popping up was 'Aveeno' so I decided to check out the website where I read about their products. I really like their use of natural ingredients and that some of their products are really good to use if you have eczema. The next day I headed into Superdrug where I picked up Aveeno's moisturising cream which is actually recommended for people with either dry or eczema prone skin. After using it for quite a while now I am so pleased  to say that this really is the perfect cream. I honestly started to notice a difference in my skin the first time using it. It definitely isn't as greasy as other creams I've used in the past. Also, especially as we have such hot weather recently it can be such a hassle when your skin looks so greasy but this isn't like that at all. Aveeno products are currently on sale in Superdrug so I really want to get my hands on more of their creams! :)

Have you tried any Aveeno products before? if you have eczema or sensitive skin can you recommend any other creams to me?


A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Vanese, make sure you go and check her lovely blog out here. I am currently away on holiday so I will reply to all tweets/emails/comments as soon as I get back as I don't think there is wifi where I am staying, however I will leave it to my wonderful guest posters to reply to their comments on their fantastic posts.

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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Guest Post #10 || L'Oreal Micellar Water

Hi, I'm Huma from Confessions of a Beauty Lover and today I'm going to be doing a guest post on the amazing Beau Maquillagex's blog.

Some days like most people I have those days were I want to use the quickest possible method to take my makeup off and go to bed and that's why I love Micellar waters as they're so easy, pop a bit on a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face and voila! After seeing that L'Oreal had jumped on the bandwagon and released their own Micellar water I was intrigued to find out more and put it to the test. I've heard it's a great dupe for Bioderma but unfortunately I can't do a comparison because I haven't tried Bioderma (just yet!).

What do L'Oreal claim:
''Used by make-up artists, this solution feels as gentle as water on your skin but acts like a make-up remover, toner and skin soother all in one.Purifies and soothes. Swiftly dissolving all traces of make-up, the 'micellar' solution acts like a purifying magnet on the skin's surface to capture and draw out excess oil and impurities rather than spreading them around your face like some wipes can. So gentle, skin feels soothed and toned.'' 

I've been using these everyday for over a month now and I love it, I love it so much I've already brought my 2nd bottle because I've almost finished my first bottle! The only thing is a 200ml bottle will probably last you 2 months max but it's so affordable, when you do repurchase it, it will definitely not break your bank!

I use this after washing my face in the morning and evenings to remove any makeup my facewash didn't remove and I never realised how much makeup I still have on after washing my face even though my skin feels clean. I take a clean cotton pad and squirt some onto there and wipes it all over my face and it removes all traces of makeup! What ever you skin type, this would suit you, I have quite sensitive skin and I've always found makeup wipes and most cleanser to irritate my eyes and leave my skin feeling tight after using them however with this I find it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and fresh and it doesn't feel tight at all. It really is like wiping your face with water - it's super gentle and effective, I'd definitely agree with L'Oreals claims.

Overall, I'm so impressed my this Micellar water, it has definitely exceeded my expectations and seriously impressed me, I don't see myself using anything else anytime soon! You can buy this 200ml bottle at Boots & Superdrug and its currently on offer at both places for £3.33 - bargain! [LINK].

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I'd love you to check out my blog [LINK].

A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Huma, be sure to check out her lovely blog here! I am currently away on holiday so I won't be able to reply to tweets/emails/comments until I am back or find wifi connection, but I will hand it over to my lovely guest bloggers to reply to the comments on their posts.

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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Guest Post #9 || Favourite Nail Polishes

Hi everyone! I’m Kristie from Kristie Blogs Beauty and I’m guest posting on the lovely Livi’s blog. Today, I’m going to tell you about the nail polishes that I’ve been loving lately

Nyc 002 full metal jacket
a beautiful golden colour with a shimmer of glitter
Rimmel 60 seconds 819 green with envy
a bright metallic green

Rimmel 60 seconds 430 coralicious
I love coral nail varnishes, very summery!

Sally Hansen complete salon manicure Himalayan blue
an eye catching vivid blue shade

These colours are gorgeous! I like wearing the brighter shades in the daytime, I think they’re very summery. I prefer the green and gold shade for the evening. I adore all of these shades. All these nail varnishes can be found at Boots.

I hope you lovely readers enjoyed my guest post. You can find me here:

What are your favourite summer shades?

A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Kristie! Be sure to go and check out Kristie's blog here. I am currently on holiday for 2 weeks so I won't be replying to emails/tweets/comments because I am not sure there is internet connection but I will reply to these as soon as I am back/have wifi! I will leave it to my lovely guest bloggers to reply to the comments on their posts though.

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Monday 12 August 2013

Guest Post #8 || Top 3 Skincare Essentials

I’m the first to say that I’m really bad when it comes to having a daily skin care routine and I would be lying if I was showing you all the skin care products that I use on a daily basis because I just don’t do it. I ‘m the kind of person that takes notions and will one day wake up and fell like I want to give my face some love so I will cleanse , polish ,exfoliate and moisturise then by the evening I don’t want to do it anymore. (I’m a very lazy skin care person!) So if you’re a bit like me then this will be the perfect post for you. Instead of showing you products that need to be used on a regular basis I have chosen three products that can be used as part of a strict skin regime or a more relaxed, random regime like me.

The three products I have chosen is the Liz Earle gentle exfoliator, Garnier Moisture match  moisturiser and B Pure Micellar water. The Liz Earle gentle exfoliator is a thick and nourishing exfoliator with a gritty consistency that is perfect for creating soft and pore free skin. The second item is the Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser that is geared to your skin type eg oily. This moisturiser is the perfect drug store alternative to higher end moisturisers that cost a bomb! The only problem with this moisturiser is it doesn’t last that long even if you only use it occasionally.

The last product is by far my favourite the B pure Micellar water , I have for a while wanted the Bioderma Micellar water but until recently it has been quite difficult to get hold of but I recently saw a review on the B pure Micellar water on a blog and knew I needed to try it out . I wasn’t really expecting must from it because it was less than £5 but this micellar water works wonders. It is perfect for removing heavy make-up with one swipe and it is so easy for sensitive skin and with the help of the micellar water you can remove your make up in seconds.

A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Sinead, be sure to check out her blog here. I am currently away on holiday and think there is going to be limited internet connection if any at all so I won't be replying to tweets/emails/comments until I am back or have wifi, however I will leave it to my beautiful guest posters to reply to the comments on their posts.

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Sunday 11 August 2013

Guest Post #7 || Crest White Strips Review

Hey lovelies! So I am here as a guest blogger on Livi's blog, how exciting! I normally blog over at Lived With Love! Today, I thought I would do my review of the Crest Strips as white teeth is something I am starting to become obsessed with. There seems to be sparkling teeth everywhere and it made me a bit conscious of my yellowish teeth. I have never done any whitening to my teeth whatsoever but always wanted too.  I had braces a couple of years ago and was really happy with the results, if they were whiter I think I'd have pretty good teeth and who doesn't want nice nashers? 

I know teeth are not the prettiest things so i didn't make the picture X-Large like i normally do ;)

 photo teeths5days.jpg

I ordered the Crest 3D Pro Effects Strips, I only ordered 7 days worth just to give them a go as to be honest, I didn't expect them to actually make much difference. Now you might notice the before & after is only 5 days, this is because I did stop and have a break and then there wasn't any difference between 5 and 7 days. I stopped because I did notice slight sensitivity and thought I'd give them a break, the break must have worked because using my last 2 pouches, I had no more sensitivity afterwards. These do say enamel safe so i wasn't expecting lots of pain/sensitivity and i'm glad i didn't get it!

In the pictures, there isn't a huge difference but for only 5 days and £15, I'm very impressed! I had no problem using them, they were easy to do and you only need 30 mins a day. I stuck them on when I got out the shower and while I was getting dressed, doing makeup etc they were working their magic!

 The actually course recommend is to do 20 days straight. However, I am now conscious that when I have a (fake) tan, they look even whiter (see below) and I don't want them to be unnaturally white! For now, i am happy but i may do a little top up when i feel i need too, after all, i am a coffee addict & that doesn't leave much hope for whiter teeth!

 photo _G1S9590.jpg Me & My daughter in Soho Square :)

Have you tried Crest Strips? What results did you get?

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Instagram; @kerrymarie3

A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Kerry! Make sure you go and check out Kerry's Blog. I am currently away on holiday so I will reply to comments/tweets/emails when I am back in 2 weeks, or when I can find a computer! I will hand it over to my lovely guest posters to reply to their comments.

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Saturday 10 August 2013

Guest Post #6 || How to Complement Lipstick & Sunglasses

Hello, world.

The easiest way to look put together in an outfit is to coordinate the different pieces for a seamless look. The most obvious way to do so is to match your clothes to your shoes. For some, they like to match their nails to their accessories. I have even seen cases of women matching their lipstick to their shoes.

In todays post, I will be discussing a more unconventional way of coordinating an outfit. I will be talking about how you can match your lipstick to your sunglasses.

Look 1

<a href=””>Aqualillies For Tarte Limited Edition Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in Timeless</a> | $26

One of the latest trends is bright colors, and it hasnt been limited to just clothes. Bright sunglasses are everywhere now so how do you complement a shade like pastel blue? When it comes to brightly colored sunglasses, you want to avoid washing out your face. With an almost neon pink lipstick, people will be able to see your face, not just your shades.

Look 2

<a href=””>Chanel Gold Wire Rim Sunglasses</a> | $200
<a href=””>Bobbi Brown Bobbis Essentials Lip Color in Pink Mauve</a> | $25

On the flipside, if you opt for a more classic look with wire rim sunglasses, you dont want your makeup to overpower them. A rosy pink lipstick will keep the look soft to go hand-in-hand with your sunnies.

Look 3

<a href=””>Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Palm Beach</a> | $26

This look is a marriage of the above two looks. This look is for those of you who want to rock some statement sunglasses but dont want too bright or too dull of a lip. This is where the coral lipstick comes in. Coral is a sort of in-between; it isnt a bold red lip, it isnt a muted pink. It is just perfect.

I hope that this post has got you thinking about other pairings of sunglasses and lipstick. I also hope that you enjoyed this post. If you did, head on over to <a href=””>ExtraExtravagant</a>, my beauty and style blog, for more guides like this one.

Before I go, I want to thank Beaumaquillagex for giving me this opportunity to guest post on here. I really appreciate it!

<a href=””>ExtraExtravagant</a>

A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Sockwun! Be sure to check out Sockwun's blog here. I am currently away sunning myself on holiday and I think there will be limited, if any, internet connection so I will reply to tweets/emails/comments when I am back or when I have internet connection, however I will hand it over to my amazing guest posters to reply to the comments on their posts!

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