Sunday 30 June 2013

Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer*

Hi Everyone,

So I am very excited to be posting this review of a new product that was released just a few days ago and is fantastic! It is the Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer.

This is a moisturizer which you can use as a generic moisturizer to brighten your skin or you can mix with your foundation to give a more natural and glowy look to your foundation. This moisturizer contains very fine gold shimmer in it, I personally don't use this as a moisturizer because I prefer to mix it with my foundation so for that reason I will be reviewing this as more of a highlighting product than a moisturizer. I love the Nourish products because they are all mostly organic and use natural ingredients which is great.

Friday 28 June 2013

Favourite Face Brushes

I thought that because I cleaned my brushes last night and have not yet used them this morning that now would be a good time to write this post! I hope you enjoy, I love reading other people's posts on their favourite brushes to give me some inspiration. I have also edited these photos on iPhoto so let me know what you think!

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Top 10 Summer Nail Polishes

So even though the sun still isn't deciding to show it's face here in the UK, it did for about 10 minutes this morning so I snapped as many photos as I could whilst there was good lighting, and it inspired me to do this post, so I hope you enjoy!

Sally Hansen the Sky's the Limit
This is honestly perfect, it is the perfect shade of blue for summer because it is kind of a light/medium blue. If you want to see a review of these nail polishes you can find that here.

Models Own Beach Party
When I saw this last Summer I had to pick it up, this is so bright and really accentuates a tan when on the beach! This literally glows on your nails and when I wear this, so many people ask me which shade it is because it is so so bright! I am a massive fan of the Models Own nail polishes and I would definitely recommend them.

Sinful Colours Nail Junkie
When I was in London I finally found a Boots that stocked these, I had been desperate to get my hands on these because at only £1.99 you can't really go wrong. This is the perfect glittery iridescent nail polish and it looks so perfect for the beach, it reminds me of mermaids.

Get To Know Jess from JessieCatxo!

Today Jess is going to be posting a getting to know her tag on my blog and I have also answered her questions over on her blog Jessiecatxo link is here & my post will be up on her blog at the same time this is published so go and check that out too and her blog. Jess & I have decided to do a monthly feature on each others blogs so this will be a regular thing so I hope you all enjoy these posts! Now onto Jess' post:

Hi everyone!

Livi and I thought of a great idea to guest post for each other so you could get to know me and my readers could get to know Livi!

1.       What's your name and your blog?

Jessica/Jess/Jessie whatever you like to call me and my blog is called ‘Jessiecatxo | Fashion. Beauty. Life.

2.       When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in January of this year so about 5 months.
3.      What made you want to start blogging?
I stumbled across a video by Zoella December of 2012 and really enjoyed them. Many of people sprouted of from zoe; Louise, alfie, Tanya etc and I just really liked the idea of documenting my life and the things I love, so I wanted to share my love for beauty and fashion and I did so J
4.       What are your favourite posts to read?
I love reading about storage idea or hauls, I like knowing what I’m going to go out and buy so seeing what there is to get really helps!
5.       What is your favourite thing about blogging?
My favourite thing about blogging is probably meeting the new people. I chat to people on twitter that I don’t even know but it seems so normal!
6.       What is the one makeup item you couldn't live without?
I could not live without mascara. My eyes are so boring without mascara and as much as I hate my skin I could live with it, mascara can finish your face off!
7.       Do you still see yourself blogging in 2 years time?
100% I think my confidence would have grown and my social life will also get better due to meeting new people at sixth form. Then on the other hand you don’t know what will happen. I’ll blog until the day I can’t blog or I don’t enjoy it anymore but that seems super far away J
8.       If you have £100 to spend on makeup/fashion what would you buy?
WOW this is a toughie, at the moment I’d really like to buy the eye brushes from real techniques, some Mom jeans, lots of blushers. It’s difficult because even if I had thousands of pounds to spend I’d still spend it on the highstreet so I could get an awful lot haha!
9.       Where do you see yourself in 15 years?
In 15 years I’ll be 31, married, expecting my 2nd child, still blogging, have a secure business in events management and have my passport full of all the places I’d have visited due to my job in travel. I’d love to be in New York with my business too with my family but this could all go wrong and I’ll still be living with my parents! Haha!
10.   What is one product that either people love that you don't think is worth the hype?
      Probably Barry M nail paint. I just don't think it's very good, In fact I prefer my £1 nail polish from MUA :)!
   Well that's it guys! I hope you got to know me and if you have any more questions leave a comment and I'd love to answer them!

I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of me because Livi and I are making each other a monthly feature on our blog!

Love you guys!

Monday 24 June 2013

Colours of the Rainbow Tag

I have stopped doing most tags because I usually am not interested in them, although I have seen this tag floating around the blogging world recently and have really been enjoying reading other people's posts so I thought I would do it too! So incase you haven't already seen this tag, you have to pick one item for each colour of the rainbow, and then pink & multicoloured that you love, so onto the tag!

I chose my MUA lipstick in 'Shade 13', I don't wear red lipstick that often, but when I do I always reach for this one because it is a lovely post box red and I also didn't want to spend too much on a lipstick that I wouldn't wear very often.

I am in love with this Models Own polish in 'Beach Party' it is so vibrant and it practically glows, I think this looks so gorgeous in Summer and I haven't seen anything quite like it before!

So I know this isn't completely yellow, but I didn't want to chose a nail polish for each colour so I thought the yellow hair and G would do. I love this Super G perfume, it smells like Summer and of pineapple and coconut which is lovely.

I like these Yes to Cucumbers Soothing wipes, although I think I would have liked them more if I had never tried Bioderma because that just takes my makeup off so easily and leaves my face completely free of makeup, whereas these don't do quite as good a job.

I love this Blueberry Smoothie lipbalm, I picked this up from the Clothes Show last year I think and I really like it, I think these all look so cute and they smell absolutely lush.

So I have no idea if this is indigo but it looks close enough for me. This is my AVON Sleeptherapy Pillow Mist and I love it. It smells gorgeous and makes me feel so relaxed for bed and this always sends me off to sleep pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I love to put Lavender oil on my pillow when I can't sleep because it smells so gorgeous and makes me feel really relaxed. I especially love this brand because it smells just like a lavender plant and not fake at all.

I love this Revlon Lip Butter in 'Lollipop' and now that the sun is starting to come out I am wearing this more often. I love how bright this is and the fact that it has blue undertones which help to make your teeth look whiter. This is definitely one of my favourite fuschia lipsticks.

I love this Blush Professional 88 Colour Palette because it has every single colour in there that you could ever want. This was only about £10/£12 I think and it is great when you want to go for a bolder and brighter eye makeup look, or if you do dance shows, my friend always borrows this off me when she has a dance show.

Thanks for reading,

Do you like this tag?


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Saturday 22 June 2013


Today I went into town to check my Prom dress had been altered to the right length before the lady in the shop hemmed it and then I went to pick up the Mark Hill Sexy Waves & Curls Wand, but I ended up picking a few more bits up! So I thought I would do a haul...

Accessorize Blusher in 'Scandal' £5
I have been dying to pick this up for ages and I decided to just pick it up, this is a gorgeous deepish pinky/red shade with gold running through it and is also shimmery so it is like a highlighter and blush in one. 

Sleek Blusher in 'Rose Gold' £4.49
This is another blusher I have been dying to try and so decided to pick it up because I have heard such good review about this recently, I love the shade of pink this is and the gold shimmer running through it! I think this seems to be the general kind of blush shade I am drawn to at the moment. 

MUA Pro Brow Eyebrow Kit, £3.50
I have been wanting to pick up another eyebrow kit so that I could do a comparison to my Sleek eyebrow kit and see if you can save yourself some money by picking up this one instead so look out for that some time soon. 

NYC Appleicious Lip Balms in 'Appleicious Pink' and 'Big Apple Red' £2.49
I decided to pick two of these up because of the amazing reviews and I have been reaching for my tinted lip balms and sheerer lipsticks more recently. I picked up two of the brighter shades because I want to expand that part of my collection and also these were more tinted.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo, £3.19
I picked these up for cleaning my brushes because this seems to be the general blogger favourite at the moment so I thought I would give this a go, I picked this up for £1.50 on offer in Tesco

Mark Hill Sexy Waves and Curls Wand, £54.50
I picked this up in Boots today because I had heard so many amazing things about this and I wanted a new styling tool to do my hair for Prom which would stay in for the whole of Prom, and when looking up reviews this came out as one of the best for long lasting curls and it was on half price at Boots so I couldn't resist picking it up! I love that this is a conical barrel and narrows towards the end which means you can get lots of different looks with it.

Thanks for reading,

What have you bought recently?


Friday 21 June 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

I have been wanting to try this powder for quite a while now, but I wanted to finish my 17 Shine Control Powder first, which I absolutely love! If you want to see a review of that powder click here , but when it was time to repurchase a powder I decided to give this one a go and I am really glad that I did.

I loved my 17 Shine Control Powder but my only issue with it was that it could start to look a little cakey, and when you applied it it gave extra coverage which I didn't always want. I picked up the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in Transparent for this reason. 

What Rimmel says about the powder: Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise the appearance of pores.
This powder definitely lasts a long time, and although sometimes I like to repowder, the majority of the time this gets me through most of the time that I am out which is usually about 4/5 hours and then it is time to repowder. This powder also wears really well, it doesn't start to look cakey or patchy and wears off evenly which is great and makes it easier to touch up your makeup and get it back to looking as close as possible to how it did when you first applied it. 

Rimmel also has a fairly large range of shades for this powder so you are bound to find one that matches your skintone, they even do some very pale shades too which is great because sometimes powders can be quite orange from the drugstore. I am not sure what the coverage is like with these powders because I picked it up in 'Transparent'.

This retails at £3.99 which is so affordable and I have had it for just over a month and I have barely made a dent. When you first purchase this it is embossed with the Rimmel crown logo but this wears off after a couple of uses however I think this makes the product more classy, I love it when brands emboss their logos. Is that just me? The packaging is pretty sturdy plastic and doesn't feel cheap either, however it is definitely not the most classy powder compact on the market, although for me this doesn't matter. 

I really love this powder and I definitely think I will be repurchasing this when I have finished with it!

Thanks for reading

What are your powder recommendations?


Wednesday 19 June 2013

Garnier Eye Roll On

When I first picked this up ages ago when there was first hype around this product I absolutely hated it and put it to the back of my drawers and then I started using it again and am now on my third tube! I don't know why I didn't like it because now it is one of my favourite under eye concealers and I wouldn't be without it.

I love the consistency of this product, although I love my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I find that it is a bit too thick for under my eyes and it tends to crease a lot. This is much better because it has such a light and liquid texture but really helps to brighten under the eyes and disguise bags. This concealer almost has a yellow/salmon colour to it which is great at counteracting the blue/black caused by under eye circles. I got mine in light which is quite a good colour match for me, although perhaps a little to dark. This is available in four shades I believe: Fair, Light, Medium and Dark.

This is also really nice for in the morning when you feel tired. My eyes always feel like they are kind of burning when I get up and the metal roller ball on this concealer is always nice and cold which is really refreshing and helps to wake me up a bit, it may just be the placebo effect but it works for me anyway.

The other great thing about this concealer is you can wear it by itself and it doesn't make you look like you have two lines of concealer under your eyes it just blends in with your skin because of the light consistency. 

This retails for £9.99 although is currently on offer in Boots with £3 off. They have also changed the packaging so if you click here it will take you to the link for what it now looks like. I personally think that £9.99 is a little bit too pricey for the product so I usually buy it cheaper online or wait for their to be an offer on.

Thanks for reading

What is your favourite under eye concealer?


Monday 17 June 2013

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

If you read my last post which was the review on the No7 Lip Crayons you will remember than I mentioned that I am becoming a massive fan of the No7 products! So today I have another review for you, on their Beautifully Matte foundation and also the service they provide in helping you to find your ideal shade!

Just over a month ago, I went into Boots to buy a new foundation and decided that since I am finding it really hard at the moment to find a foundation I really like, that I would invest in one slightly more so I headed to the No7 counter. I decided to get colour matched with their machine and it was so good. I was quite skeptical at first as to how a machine could tell you what foundation shade you are but it worked so well for me. Usually I would go for the second or third lightest shade in a foundation but this told me I needed to go for the lightest, 'Calico'. This is a very good colour match for me and blends in with my skin perfectly. I think this is a really good idea because it saves so much hassle in trying to decide which shade to choose.

I picked up the foundation in 'Beautifully Matte' because I like a medium coverage foundation that will keep my oily skin under control all day, and I haven't been disappointed. This foundation claims that it gives 'Up to 14 hours shine free complexion and a soft, even finish.' I would say that 14 hours is slightly optimistic, because even when I pair it with a powder it doesn't last this long, but it comes up very close. At the start of the day it leaves your skin looking so naturally matte, it doesn't look powdery it jus takes the shine away but leaves you with a smooth and soft base. It covers pretty much anything, I only have to apply concealer if I have a particularly bad blemish. Despite being high coverage it isn't a super thick liquid and this makes it easier than most foundations of this kind to blend. I apply mine with my Duo-Fibre stippling brush and then blend with my Eco-Tools face brush and I find this gives an even and flawless coverage to my skin.

I love how this foundation wears too. I can wear this all day and after about 10 hours you can see that the foundation has worn away slightly but it is nothing too major. It wears beautifully too and although it becomes gradually less matte it leaves a beautiful satin finish by the end of the day without making your skin look oily. It also wears evenly and not in patches which is one of my biggest criticisms of some foundations.

Overall I would definitely recommend this foundation for anyone with combination/oily skin because it does wonders for my oily skin. This retails at £12.95 and they currently have a buy one get one half price offer on all makeup. I think this is more than worth the money. I have been using it just over a month and have only used about one quarter of the 30ml bottle which is great because you only need about one pump to cover your whole face.

Thanks for reading

Have you tried any of the No7 foundations? 


Saturday 15 June 2013

Happy 1st Birthday!


It occured to me the other day that it must be my blog's 1st birthday soon and unfortunately I have just missed it! My blog was 1 on the 5th June so I have officially been blogging for just over a year now which is super exciting. I have loved blogging this past year and it has made me so happy to see that I have so many wonderful followers who have stuck by me despite my rather long absence for personal reasons and then exams so thankyou, all of you! You put a smile on my face every time I see a new comment or follower and I never thought my blog would grow this much in a year so thankyou very much,

To thank you all, I will soon be doing a giveaway, I just need to go out and get some prizes for it, so I am going to pick some of my personal favourites to share with you all so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thankyou so much for supporting me!

I hope that from now on my blog will continue to grow, and I will be able to post more now that exams are nearly over and I have a long summer ahead of me.

I love you all


No7 Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink

Hi Everyone,

and welcome back to the first of many posts! I have taken loads of pictures today before it started raining and I am going to be writing the posts over today and tomorrow so hopefully I can now post every other day which will be great so please leave me some suggestions of what you would like to see!

I am a massive fan of lip crayons because they are the perfect middle ground between a lipstick and a lipgloss which I love. Sometimes lipstick is too much, but lipgloss is an understatement so to have something in the middle is fantastic. When I went to get colour matched for a new foundation from No7 they had a 'Buy one get second half price' deal on so I decided to try one of No7's lip crayon's. I have only tried the Clinique Chubby Sticks because after I picked one of these up around this time last year I then went on a spending ban so didn't try any of the Drugstore alternatives, but I really want to try the MUA power pouts and the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains. 

I picked up the shade 'Delicate Pink'. These retail for £9, but I picked mine up for £4.50. Although these are at the pricier end of this market they are 100% worth it. 'Delicate Pink' is a gorgeous colour, it is a slightly brighter than average middle pink but is super natural and is a great colour for Spring/Summer. Like the other balms on the market this isn't extremely long lasting, but I didn't expect it to be. However without eating or drinking this will last a good hour or so. They are also super easy to apply as well which is great.

This doesn't claim to be a stain like the Revlon ones do so understandably they don't last as long, however even when the glossy effect wears off these leave some of the colour behind, and I think that the darker shades in this collection would last even longer. These claim to be 'High Shine' and they definitely are, although they don't make your lips to shiny which I personally hate. They are moisturising and don't leave my lips feeling dry which is an added bonus.

No7 is a brand that I am really starting to love. Before I never really went near their stand in Boots however now I am finding myself loving their nail varnishes, mascaras, foundations and lip products. I also love my cleanser and moisturiser from them and have re purchased both, which is unusual for me because I usually go off skincare products by the time I have finished with them.

Thanks for reading

Do you like No7? What are your favourite lip crayons?


Eyelure Shape & Shade Brow Pencil*

Recently I was contacted by a website called Oh Beauty who you can find here. All orders have free first class UK delivery and it is a great website for beauty lovers! They asked if I would like to try anything from the website so I decided to try the Eyelure brow pencil in Dark blonde to medium brunette. 

I always have to do my eyebrows because they are so blonde so having a good eye pencil is very important to me. My Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph was nearly finished so I decided to try this and see how it lived up to my favourite eye pencil and I can honestly say, hand on heart, it is so much better! How did I not find this before? This lasts for ages and is so creamy and applies like a dream. It makes it very easy to get the exact shape you are looking for because it is a thin pencil and the spooly on the end is a great idea and helps to blend the pencil.

This pencil is a great match for my colouring and I really love using it. It lasts all day and looks super natural not like you have drawn your eyebrows on at all. These come in a few shades and retail for £5.25 and you can pick that up from Oh Beauty with free delivery here.

Thanks for reading!
How do you fill in your brows?


Friday 14 June 2013


I am so sorry I have been MIA for a while now, unfortunately it is exam season and I have been up to my ears in GCSEs although I only have one more to go now, and that is in 10 days so hopefully I can blog more up to then and then after which I am really looking forward too because I have honestly really missed it. I am sorry that I haven't been posting, I have felt incredibly guilty and like I have abandoned my blog a bit but I have unfortunately had no time at all.

So I would love some ideas from you about what posts you would like to see as I am going to have more than enough time to blog over the Summer and I can't wait! Leave me a comment below, I would really appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks for reading