Wednesday 2 January 2013

Finished my 100 day spending ban!

Hi everyone!

So on the 11th of December 2012, I finished my 100 day spending ban. The reason I stopped doing updates every week was because I genuinely wasn't spending anything on makeup anymore and didn't have anything for my wish list!

I am so happy I did this challenge because recently I have had so much more money to spend on clothes and days out etc. I realised how much money I actually spent on makeup and I have finally realised I have way to much and need to start working my way through some of it before I buy anymore.

When I first started this challenge it was really really hard and I wasn't entirely sure how I would last 100 days but as time web ton boy did it get easier! Eventually you manage to get yourself out of the habit of spending money, and now I genuinely don't feel like I have to sped money now!

Although there a few things from my wish list that I would still love to try like the soap & glory concealer and a few other makeup bits, I'm not going to be rushing out to get them until I work my way through some of my makeup at the moment and I am currently very happy with how my products are working for me.

I am also tempted to have another blog sale, so let me know if you're interested :D

Thanks for reading


Ps sorry its another blog post on my phone!


  1. WELL DONE! I'm starting my 100 day spending ban on the 3rd, 2 days to go! I hope I can do as well as you have!


    1. Thankyou! Aww good luck lovely, you will do fantastic! Can't wait to see how you get on :D xxx

  2. new follower!

    1. Aww thanks, I will check your blog out! love discovering new blogs :D xx

  3. WELL DONE. that really is something to be proud of! xxx


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