Thursday 1 August 2013

Meet My Advertisers! || August 2013

I am super excited to be doing my first Meet My Advertisers post! So I have 3 advertising packages and if you would like to find out more or advertise with me for September then please click on the advertising tab at the top of the page to find out more. So I will hand over to my beautiful advertisers this month and be sure to check out all of their wonderful blogs! And give them a follow if you enjoy reading their posts too.

I will be handing over to my beautiful advertisers to tell you a little more about themselves and their blogs! Just click on the blogs header to take yourself over to the blog.

Paris Advertiser:

"Hi everyone, my name is Rachael and I blog over at Serene Siren!  SS was originally a beauty blog but I think it’s great to throw a little variety in and it’s now all about beauty, lifestyle and fitness. It’s my little corner of the internet where I can waffle on about what tickles my pickle! I love skincare and highstreet makeup brands but nothing beats what’s organic and natural! So settle down,  grab a cuppa (or a glass of wine in the evening ;) ) and have a nosy! Don’t forget to comment to let me know you came from Beaumaquillagex! Blog Twitter Facebook "

Marseille Advertisers

"Hi, I'm Darcey from I'm 16 from the south of england. I love everything Disney and also really love to bake! My blog is a beauty/fashion/make-up/lifestyle/whatever I feel like posting type blog and it's my place just to do something productive and to try and become more positive, because at the moment I'm one of the most pessimistic (I prefer realistic) person ever and I want to change that. On my blog you'll find reviews, hauls, days out, photos of my week, big events that happen and everything else. I'd love for you to come and check it out and give it a follow :)"

"Hello :)
Nikki here, a 23 year old journalism graduate and a fashion and beauty obsessed writer! I run a little blog over at and I can’t believe it’s over a year since I started it already! I’ve loved pouring my heart and soul into my little space on the interwebs, and watching it grow over the months has been amazing. I love to write about the many (MANY) beauty bits I obsess over, and love that I can finally find others to obsess just as much as me haha! I regularly post a little OOTD too, and love sharing my style and accessories with my lovely readers. Finally, one of my favourite posts are when I get to share my many little adventures with you, and pop up rather a lot of pictures of the sea side and delicious meals I manage to photograph before devouring - Yum!
So feel free to pop over to The Lunar Lights, have a little look around and let me know you stopped by J The beauty, fashion and adventures await!
Nikki xxx"

" Who am I? I'm Gina, 22 and a student (nurse), a fiancĂ©, a “young mum”  (how I hate that generic label) too two beautiful little boys aged 6 months and 3 years, a friend, a daughter, a big sister, a cleaner, a cook lol among other domestic pleasures, and a million other labels but to name a few.        So what have I actually got to say? Well lots and lots on life, lifestyle, my family life, studies, my general opinions, thoughts, day to day musing and some product reviews on girly things, family products and anything else I want to praise or grumble about.What do I think? My life seems so busy at times (slightly less until my maternity leave finishes in September) but i still feel pretty busy all the same,  but one thing I love is the written word reading and writing it and enjoy taking the time out to ramble on about the things jumping around in my brain, it’s like a form of therapy and stress relief, but also a passion for me. "

Lyon Advertisers

 I hope you enjoyed my meet the advertisers post, make sure you check them all out! They all have wonderful blogs.

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  1. So excited for this! Thanks so much for running the giveaway and for getting a spot! :)

    Hopefully August will be a month full of new followers and loads of great posts :) xx

    Mlhauken // Beauty, Lifestyle & a bit Fashion

    1. Aw I'm glad! I'm excited to see how it goes too :D You're very welcome! I am so pleased you're happy :D I hope so too! You'll have to give me some feedback at the end :) xo


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