Saturday 17 August 2013

Guest Post #13 || Top Summer Must Haves

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Well hello there lovely people!  I initially just want to say thank you to beaumaquillagex for letting me guest post for her, I feel so honoured.  (I'm also extremely jealous of her holiday plans!)

In honour of her little trip away, and with this glorious weather we have been having, I decided to do a summer must haves, but with a slight twist. Oohhhh intriguing... (Yes, I know summer posts are a little past it now but I want the sun to last as long as possible please.)

Just a little list of beauty and fashion must haves, but I also wanted to sneak in a few other bits and bobs too.  Shall we get started?

oOo SPF WTF? oOo

I don't need to preach about how important SPF is.  Whether you're spending time in your garden, or jetting off into lands unknown a good SPF with both UVA and UVB protection is a definite must.  Just as a warning, a few cheaper brands like Hawaiin Tropic only have the UVA protection, which yes will protect you from sun damage but will not stop your skin from the premature ageing effects that UVB rays cause.
My current one in use is the Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze Sun Spray

oOo Swimsuit Splashing oOo

If you're like me, you run and hide at the thought of squeezing yourself into a bikini or swimsuit.  It is definitely a must have however as attempting to jump in the sea or pool in a baggy TShirt and shorts is neither comfortable or attractive (I would know, I have done it several times).  There are numerous choices out there at this time of year and I always seem to navigate towards the swimsuits that have 'tummy control' branded on them.
My current favourite swimsuit is the Gossard Floral Print Bandeau Plunge Suit from Very.

oOo Drink Me Cool oOo

Aaaaahhhhhh.. What better way to cool off in the heat than a nice refreshing drink.  I feel like I need to cover all bases here so I have two summer must have drinks.
1.  (Non alcoholic) Cranberry juice, lemonade, slice of lime and crushed ice.  I absolutely adore this drink.  It's so refreshing and cool and the flavours compliment each other perfectly.  If you're not a huge fan of cranberry then you can substitute mango or pineapple juice to get that tropical taste.
2. (Alcoholic)  I may be a little biased here as I work for the brewery that produces this but in all honesty I haven't found anything more refreshing lately and that is Carling British Cider.  If you want to be a little more feminine you can always add a dash of blackcurrant juice!

oOo Tune In And Up oOo

I have an extremely eclectic taste in music.  It ranges from Musical Theatre, Trance & Classical to Chart Hits, Acoustic & Indie.  I have too many favourite songs to even begin to start listing some must have tunes, all I'm going to say is you need a good music play list for summer.  Whether you're travelling, having a BBQ or just long walks in the all seems to just go that little bit nicer with some of my favourite music.

oOo  Moisturise Me oOo

Being out in the sun can really cause your skin to dry out.  Even if you're applying SPF in the day it's important to try and cool your skin down and moisturise it when possible.  A great light moisturiser for your face can make you feel refreshed and a good body moisturiser can help to enhance your tan (if you have one) and avoid peeling.
My current favourites are:
For face the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser   
For body the Nivea Body Moisturising Care Firming Body Lotion Q10

oOo Wax On Wax Off oOo

I'm hoping this one is a little self explanatory.  Nobody likes hairy underarms people.  You probably already have you're own hair removal prop but this is definitely a summer must have.  The only tip I can suggest is... whichever hair removal method you choose, exfoliate first and moisturise afterwards.
Currently I'm using the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

oOo Take A Walk With Me oOo

Sandals are definitely on this list.  How could they not be?! Having comfortable footwear that show off those newly pedicured feet are absolutely essential.

oOo I'm Melting oOo

How could you not want ice cream in the beautiful warm weather.  I'm sure its stated somewhere that ice cream releases hormones in your brain to make you happy?  All the more reason to have one.
My favourite one at present is a goof old traditional Mr Whippy with raspberry sauce and a flake.

I know there are so, so, so many more must haves for summer but these are definitely at the top of that very long list for me.

I hope you enjoyed reading.  What do you think would be at the top of your summer must haves?

oOo Becky oOo

*Please be aware that image was not been provided by me but has been edited for this post.

A note from Liv: Thanks for posting Becky! make sure you check out Becky's blog here. I am currently away so I will reply to all tweets/emails/comments when I am back, although I will hand it over to my lovely guest posters to reply to the comments on their posts.

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