Tuesday 13 August 2013

Guest Post #9 || Favourite Nail Polishes

Hi everyone! I’m Kristie from Kristie Blogs Beauty and I’m guest posting on the lovely Livi’s blog. Today, I’m going to tell you about the nail polishes that I’ve been loving lately

Nyc 002 full metal jacket
a beautiful golden colour with a shimmer of glitter
Rimmel 60 seconds 819 green with envy
a bright metallic green

Rimmel 60 seconds 430 coralicious
I love coral nail varnishes, very summery!

Sally Hansen complete salon manicure Himalayan blue
an eye catching vivid blue shade

These colours are gorgeous! I like wearing the brighter shades in the daytime, I think they’re very summery. I prefer the green and gold shade for the evening. I adore all of these shades. All these nail varnishes can be found at Boots.

I hope you lovely readers enjoyed my guest post. You can find me here:

What are your favourite summer shades?

A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Kristie! Be sure to go and check out Kristie's blog here. I am currently on holiday for 2 weeks so I won't be replying to emails/tweets/comments because I am not sure there is internet connection but I will reply to these as soon as I am back/have wifi! I will leave it to my lovely guest bloggers to reply to the comments on their posts though.

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  1. I love the pale blue!

    Emma x


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