Sunday 11 August 2013

Guest Post #7 || Crest White Strips Review

Hey lovelies! So I am here as a guest blogger on Livi's blog, how exciting! I normally blog over at Lived With Love! Today, I thought I would do my review of the Crest Strips as white teeth is something I am starting to become obsessed with. There seems to be sparkling teeth everywhere and it made me a bit conscious of my yellowish teeth. I have never done any whitening to my teeth whatsoever but always wanted too.  I had braces a couple of years ago and was really happy with the results, if they were whiter I think I'd have pretty good teeth and who doesn't want nice nashers? 

I know teeth are not the prettiest things so i didn't make the picture X-Large like i normally do ;)

 photo teeths5days.jpg

I ordered the Crest 3D Pro Effects Strips, I only ordered 7 days worth just to give them a go as to be honest, I didn't expect them to actually make much difference. Now you might notice the before & after is only 5 days, this is because I did stop and have a break and then there wasn't any difference between 5 and 7 days. I stopped because I did notice slight sensitivity and thought I'd give them a break, the break must have worked because using my last 2 pouches, I had no more sensitivity afterwards. These do say enamel safe so i wasn't expecting lots of pain/sensitivity and i'm glad i didn't get it!

In the pictures, there isn't a huge difference but for only 5 days and £15, I'm very impressed! I had no problem using them, they were easy to do and you only need 30 mins a day. I stuck them on when I got out the shower and while I was getting dressed, doing makeup etc they were working their magic!

 The actually course recommend is to do 20 days straight. However, I am now conscious that when I have a (fake) tan, they look even whiter (see below) and I don't want them to be unnaturally white! For now, i am happy but i may do a little top up when i feel i need too, after all, i am a coffee addict & that doesn't leave much hope for whiter teeth!

 photo _G1S9590.jpg Me & My daughter in Soho Square :)

Have you tried Crest Strips? What results did you get?

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  1. I tried these a while ago and, after trying a few different whitening products, these whitestrips definitely gave the best results by far! I used them for 10 days and saw an amazing difference and now I just top up with one every now and then :) xx

    1. Yeah they do seem good! My teeth did get quite sensitive though not sure I could have done anymore! :( Xx

  2. I'm searching for a good tooth whitening product - definitely going to give this a shot! Thanks for sharing :) xx

  3. I've heard nothing but good about these and I really do want to try them myself. Think I'll be giving them a go after reading this post. ^_^

  4. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job!
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