Thursday 29 August 2013

Fashion Haul #1 | ASOS, H&M, & Debenhams

Sorry I am a bit late posting my first post after getting back from holiday but I have been super jet lagged so my days have been a bit messed up and crazy and I have been sleeping for most of them! I also had results day and have some Sixth Form work to do, but now I am back and blogging! 

Here is the first of 3(possible 4 - I'm going shopping on Monday!) hauls. I have a few more bits coming from H&M and then a beauty haul too! But here is my recent haul from ASOS, H&M and Debenhams. I did have a few more pairs of shoes and trousers from H&M but unfortunately they didn't fit so I had to send them back. All of these were purchased in the sale, but unfortunately the only "before" price I can remember is for the Espadrilles.
 Left Pastel Pink Sneakers from H&M(although they are more of a gold colour!) £5
Faith Blue Glitter Canvas Espadrilles from Debenhams £14  £3.36
ASOS Swing Dress £16.50

H&M Patterned Top £4

H&M Linen Top £4

H&M Top £2

H&M Ankle Length Patterned Trousers from the Conscience Collection £8

H&M Bodycon £2 

H&M Patterned Felt Skirt £2

So I hope you enjoyed my little clothing haul, and I will be uploading my beauty haul on Saturday!

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