Tuesday 6 August 2013

Guest Post #2 || Tom Ford Lipsticks Review

I have to admit I thought for quite some time about what to write for you lovely followers of Beaumaquillage, but after much deliberation I decided on a review of the Tom Ford Lip Color Lipsticks.

First of all, before I even delve into the depths of the luxurious pigmenting, exciting array of shades and the creamy hydrating formula, let me touch on the packaging. It’s divine. It screams luxe, and the chunky black and gold contrast is to die for. Put it this way, if I could display them around my house, wear them around my neck and hang them from my earlobes; I would. The lipsticks themselves have the TF lettering embossed in them, which has sadly worn away on all three of mine, due to the amount of love they receive.

In terms of longevity, these lipsticks do fall short. They last for a couple of hours, but that is to be expected considering they are a creamy hydrating formula. I have spent many hours swooning over them at the Tom Ford counter, but in the end I selected Spanish Pink, the ultimate peachy pink, Nude Vanille, a flesh-nude and Blush Nude, a peach nude.

01 Spanish Pink

12 Nude Vanille

13 Blush Nude

Now I know what you’re thinking – they all look kinda similar right? Well, you’re not wrong. I like neutrals (as I mention A LOT on my blog) and these shades are all right up my street. But each shade is wearable and could be worn under a gloss for extra definition.

Ok, love for Tom Ford aside, I am well aware that £36 is crazy money for a lipstick and you could definitely find a similar shade at a whisker of the price, drugstore or high end. But they are a real treat, and perhaps something that could be saved for a treat to yourself. Or, if you’re like me, a never ending birthday wishlist.

I hope you enjoyed my lipstick lustings. If you did, you can find more posts like this over on my blog, lauraloveandliquor.blogspot.co.uk.

Hope to see you there!

A note from Liv: Thanks for guest posting Laura! Be sure to check out her beautiful blog here .I am currently away sunning myself on holiday! So I won't be replying to comments/emails/tweets because I don't think I will have internet connection, or if I do it will be limited! Although I will leave it to my wonderful guest bloggers to reply to the comments on their posts so check back for their responses!

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  1. Gorgeous looking lipsticks! <3

  2. I constantly drool over Tom Ford makeup... the lipsticks in particular. And the shade and illuminate. It's all just SO freaking expensive! One day when I'm rich, perhaps? Haha


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