Tuesday 31 July 2012

What's In My Carry On Bag?

Hi Guys!
My Carry On Bag

Here is the third post in my travel series! On the first flight I am flying on I am allowed two pieces of hand luggage, but on the second I am only allowed one. So I am just sticking to one piece. So here's what's in my carry on bag:

My phone & IPod

A Pack of Tissues

The 2nd & 3rd Book in the Hunger Games Trilogy

My Purse

My Long Haul Beauty Items
(If you want to see what's in here my post here)

A Bigger Bag
I always carry one of these incase my case is overweight and I need to put my stuff into a bigger hand luggage bag to take some of the weight out of the case.

Tangle Teezer

This helps to stop my ears popping and hurting when we take off/land

Thanks for reading

What's in your Carry On/Hand Luggage?


  1. Wow you are so organized!! My bag is a mess hahaha :) Ixx

    1. haha thanks :) Usually I'm not! But as I packed it today I thought I better get some photo's before it goes messy!!!xx

  2. You are really organized. I just put everything in one bag and gooo. I liked your previous post as well :) xx

    Sneak peek into my life

  3. Oo where are you off to?
    I love the purse! I always carry mints too - i hate flying and chewing gum takes my mind off it a little bit :) xx

    1. I am off to Singapore & then a Malaysian Island. I hate flying too! I am scared to death of it :( Yeah I find chewing gum kind of relaxes me a bit :) xx

  4. Good thinking carrying an extra fold up bag - never thought to do it and always end up with stuff crammed into carrier bags!x

    1. Thanks, yeah that's why I carry one, and if my case is overweight and I can't fit everything into my original carry on I put it in there instead, it saves carrying a bigger bag than necessary in the first place :) xx

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