Tuesday 24 July 2012

Holiday Series #1 -What's In My Travel Makeup Bag?

My Makeup Bag
So this year as some of you may already know I am off to Asia on my holidays. I am going to Singapore & then to a small Malaysian Island. However I have to pack super light! On the first flight to Singapore(where I am staying for a week) I am allowed 20kg which is fine, but because the flight from Singapore to the next Island is only a small flight we are only allowed 10kg of luggage! Which is hardly any, especially when all in all we will be on holiday for just over 2 weeks! We are going to have to pay some excess baggage but we have to keep it minimal, so I have had to only pack the bare essentials with makeup, this is why this makeup bag differs from my usual bag, these are my must haves! I am also only packing minimal makeup because I will be in the sea & the pool all the time so I will only be wearing makeup in the evening.

So on with the post!


  • Collection 2000 Fix Me Up Setting Spray- For in the evenings when I want my makeup to last in the hot climate.
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light- Because I won't get a tan straight away this will match me for the first few days when I want it
  • 17 Hide & Chic Concealer in Light Beige - This is for when I get a tan, at the moment this is way to dark for me!
  • Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in Natural Beige- I usually don't wear makeup on holiday, I only wear it in the evening, so I have taken a sample size foundation, and this is in 'Natural Beige' which will be the right colour for me when I get a tan. It is also long wearing which will be good for the climate.
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit- I love this product, and it is great for when you are packing light because it contains a bronzer & highlighter. I think bronzer is a must have for on holiday!
  • NYX Cream Blush in 'Glow'- This is a beautiful bright pink blush, and I think bright pink looks amazing with a tan so I am hoping to use this more on holiday as I don't get a lot of use out of it the rest of the year.


  • MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn- This is  a more wearable everyday colour which I will wear when I am going out.
  • MUA Lipstick in Shade 3- I always like to take a bright lipstick, and I think fuschia looks amazing with a tan so I think this will be amazing for the evenings.

  • Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Eternal Gold' - I absolutely love this because it is so easy to put on quickly, I couldn't be without this for 2 weeks! Also gold really enhances a tan so I thought this would be the perfect colour!
  • Eyebrow Stencil -  I love this so that I can get the shape of both my eyebrows even
  • Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mini - I always take a mini mascara on holiday because it takes up less room, I got this in glamour magazine and thought I would take it to try it out.
  • Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara - I couldn't be without this mascara, it is fantastic! (I won't be taking this on holiday with me, but this is the mascara I would usually take in my makeup bag!)
  • Natural Collection Mascara in Clear - I use this to set my brows & I really like it. I love how it is not in clear packaging because when you use a brow gel/clear mascara they can look really grubby! 
  • Sleek Brow Kit - This is my favourite thing to do my brows with, the two colours when mixed suit me perfectly!
Top- Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Eternal Gold'
MAC Lipstick in 'Lovelorn', MUA Lipstick in 'Shade 12', NYX Cream Blush in 'Glow'

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  1. I am such a bad makeup packer! You have done really well!!
    freshbeautyxox.blogspot.com xxx

    1. Thankyou!So am I normally, but I knew I had to pack really light & my Mum would have killed me hahah :) xxx

  2. Nice collection of make up there. I have that make up bag - it was free at the Clothes Show last year xx

    1. Thanks sweetie :) Yeah that's where mines from! That offer was so good £10 & you got loads of makeup! I absolutely love the clothes show :D xx

    2. Haha. I got the Rimmel Goody Bag too. I'm totally going to go back this year.. Last year was my first time xx

    3. I really wanted to get that but by the time I was there they had sold out :( I got the Lee Stafford goodie bag which was AMAZING! 10 proucts for £10! I have been twice & am definitely going back this year :D xx

  3. I love posts like this because I'm so nosey! I'd love to see a suitcase blog with all the clothes you took for packing light :) xx

    1. Hahah me too! Okay I will definitely do that! I really need to start packing :D it is going to be a challenge trying to only pack 10kg but I'm going to set it for myself! hah :) xx

  4. That Mac lipstick is such a bright and gorgeous shade of fuchsia! :)
    Loving your blog btw, I'm a new follower, looking forward to catching up on more of your posts!

    Ive linked your button too, mind linking mine as well if it isn't too much to ask?:)

    1. The fuschia lipstick is the MUA one :D Thankyou, aww thankyou that's really sweet!

      Thanks for linking my button :D of course I don't mind! I'll do it now :D xx

  5. You have some great products to take, I have Lovelorn and adore it!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. Thankyou! Yeah I absolutely love that lipstick! xx

  6. I hella loved the bag and accessories too :) xxx
    P.S. Following you back xx

    Sneak peek into my life

  7. I love MUA lipsticks. I found you through TBI Blog Look and am now following


    1. Me too! They are amazing! Thankyou :) I will follow you back :D xx


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