Saturday 14 July 2012

Glamour Magazine Freebie!

Glamour Magazine are doing amazing freebies at the moment! Last month they had the 3 Benefit samples ; The Porefessional, That Gal Primer & Bad Gal Lash, and this month they have Balance Me products.

Last month I picked up all 3 of the freebies, but this month I decided to just pick up the 'Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve' because I have way to many skincare products at the moment, and I needed a new lipbalm anyway. 

This lipbalm is the fullsize (10ml) and it usually retails for £12, so you save £10, although in effect you could argue that you are only paying for the magazine so technically it is free! I am a real sucker for buying these freebies, but I love it when Glamour has them because I really enjoy reading this magazine. I think that this lipbalm & the eye cream are both full size, but I think the moisturiser & face wash are both sample size. (please correct me if I'm wrong)
So onto the lip salve itself, I have not actually tried this yet, so I am just giving a first impression, but when I have used this I will definately do a review as I think lipsalves don't get that much attention, and I would definately like to see more posts on them. I am just doing this post early so that I can tell everyone about the freebies so if you want to you can go and pick them up!

This lipsalve claims

'Our petroleum-free, ultra-moisturising intensive lip salve is a daily beauty-must to plump, protect and smooth away dry patches to leave lips, kiss-ably soft'

I am extremely happy that this is petroleum free as I think that petroleum is so drying on the lips and I hate it. Personally I am not a massive fan of Vaseline, as I feel it has never really done wonders for my lips, and has only made them worse. 
I am excited to try this and I will definately do a review of this. I think that this smells gorgeous, and it smells almost exactly the same as the Liz Early Instant Boost Skin Tonic, if you are familiar with this product you will know how amazing it smells!

Thanks for reading,

Have you picked up any of the Balance Me Freebies?


  1. I tagged you in my latest post

    1. Ooh thankyou! I will write a post up on it :)xx

  2. Man, why they just have this in the UK!? I am jealous lol
    Found your blog at the blog hop, check by my page if you feel like
    The Amazing World Of J

    1. Hi, aww I didn't know these were only in the UK! Thanks, I have followed yours :)xx

  3. What a nice freebie! I haven't picked up any lately myself but I'll be on the look out now.

    1. They are really good, I would definitely pick one up!x x

  4. I love those mositurisers, I have been using them quite a lot lately.

    Cute post and blog, I'm following :)


    1. Hiya
      Ooh maybe I will have to pick one up! Thanks for following! I will follow your blog back :) xx


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