Friday 13 July 2012

Button Swap

Hi Everyone!

Now that I have finally gotten round to creating a button that I am happy with(after going through about 10 and hating them all!) and creating it as a 'Grab Me' button, I am now happy to announce that I can do free button swaps! 

I am all for having a good blog network and really want to help promote other bloggers sites! 

How to apply for a free button swap:
Please put my button on your blog and then leave a comment telling me the name of your blog & I'll grab your button and put it on my blog :)

How to add my button to your site(for blogger, sorry don't know about other host sites):
  1. Copy the HTML code in the 'Grab My Button' 
  2. Go onto your blog
  3. Go to your 'Layout' under design
  4. Click 'Add gadget' & find the HTML gadget
  5. Paste my code into the HTML code gadget
  6. Press Save
  7. My Button is now on your site!
Please make sure your button is no bigger than 150/200 pixels in size please!
Thanks for reading

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