Monday 23 July 2012

This or That? Beauty Tag.

I love doing beauty tags, I am not really sure why I just really like to do them, so I thought that because I am going to have lots of travel posts coming up I would do something a bit different first. 

1. Blush or bronzer? Bronzer, I love to contour my face, and although I love blush a lot, I definitely use bronzer more, especially when I am in a rush. I love bronzer because being so pale I like to add a bit of colour into my skin.
2. Lipgloss or lipstick? Lipstick, although my lipgloss collection is ridiculous I don't really where lipgloss that much. I love the staying power of lipstick and I love how they are more colourful. Also I can't stand sticky lipgloss, and I just prefer the way lipstick feels on my lips.
3. Chapstick or lip butter? This is a really hard one, because I absolutely love my Revlon Lip Butters and I think they are great, but then I think my chapstick is great aswell. I think I will have to say chapstick because I use it more regularly.
4. Matte or sparkle eye shadow? Sparkly eyeshadow(if they mean shimmery) I think they make your eyes look so much more awake, and I don't really like the look of matte shadows. I also think shimmery shadows tend to more pigmented and less chalky.
5. Eyeliner or mascara? Mascara! Definitely I cannot leave the house without mascara on. I absolutely love the Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara, even when I try other mascaras I ALWAYS end up coming back to that mascara. I love the look of eyeliner but half the time I really can't be bothered.
6. Gel, liquid, cream or pencil eyeliner? I would have to say liquid liner, I HATE pencil liners, they just don't work for me, I have never tried a cream liner, and I love my gel liners but I find that liquid liner lasts way longer on my eyes than gel liners do.
8. Liquid or powder foundation? Liquid, because it looks more natural and less cakey. Because I have oily skin powder foundation looks cakey and unnatural on me.
9. Neutral or statement eyes? Neutral eyes, I don't really do bright eyes unless I am on holiday in the sun, I prefer to do a bold lip, rather than a bold eye.
10. Pressed or loose shadow? Loose shadow, which may come as a surprise to some people because I know a lot of people really aren't a fan of loose shadows, but I absolutely love them. I think they are more pigmented and I just really like them. I don't find they make a big mess because I am super duper careful with them.
11. Waterproof or non-waterproof? Non waterproof, I think that waterproof is too much of a hassle to remove and I just really can't be bothered to spend extra time trying to take it off, also I don't really find that I need it, although it is very rainy here in England, I don't stay out in it long, and therefore running mascara has never really been a problem for me.
12. Brush, sponges or fingers? Brushes, I hate sponges they are so unhygienic and they absorb half the product, and I don't really like the way that when you apply your makeup with your fingers it pulls your skin. I have so many brushes and I won't be giving them up just yet!
13. Powder, cream or liquid highlighter? Probably powder, I love the way my benefit high beam looks, but I just prefer powder highlighter. I would really like to try a cream highlighter andI think I will pick up the Jemma Kidd Cream Highlighter.
14. Contouring or no contouring? Contouring! I love defining my face and making it look slimmer! I am always looking for new ways to contour even better.
15. Red, bright or nude lips? That is a really hard one out of bright & nude lips. I can't wear a red lip, it just doesn't hit me. But I wear bright lips very often but I also wear nude lips often swell. So I can't pick!

1. OPI or Essie? Never tried Essie, so I would have to say OPI. But I will definitely be trying Essie now that it has come over to the UK(Finally!)
2. Acrylic or natural? Natural, acrylic damage your nails so much! Also I can't stand false nails or anything that adds unnatural length to my nails, I just can't deal with them!
3. Brights or darks? Brights, I love neon colours and bright colours and wear them way more often than darks. However I really like wearing dark nail varnish every now and again, especially in winter.
4. Matte or shiny? Shiny, I really don't like the look of matte nails and am still to jump on that bandwagon.
5. Glitter or no glitter? I love glitter, but it is a pain to get off and I only like it on occasion. So I think I would have to say no glitter.
6. Short, medium or long? I always have my nails short, because I have a horse and having medium/long nails are completely not practical for me at all. Although I love the way long nails look! But probably short.

1. Perfume or body spray? Perfume, I hate how the scent of body sprays goes after a few seconds.
2. Lotion or body butter? Lotion, I think body butters are too greasy and take too long to absorb into the skin.
3. Body wash or soap? Body wash, I think it lathers up quicker and is way easier to use in the shower.
4. Self tanners, tanning salon or au naturale? Self tanners, I can only use gradual tan as I have severe allergic reactions to fake tan(I throw up all the time until it is not on my skin, and my body comes out in hives, it is nasty) but I love to have a bit of colour so I use gradual tan.
5. Body brush, exfoliating glove or body scrub? Body scrub, not sure why just personal preference.

I tag everyone who wants to do this to do it, if you do this tag please leave a comment so I can read it, or if you've already done it please leave a comment :)

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  1. I enjoy reading these kind of posts, as it makes me think about what I prefer to use.


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