Thursday 26 July 2012

Long Haul Beauty

So I will start of with what is Long Haul? Long haul refers to flying, and it is when you are on a plane for a long period of time, by this I do not mean 2 hours, I mean 8 hours+. I fly long haul every year(usually 11-13 hours) and in this time the plane practically kills your skin. Because on an aircraft the air conditioning is recycled, and because of the pressure and lack of fresh air in the cabin for a prolonged period of time your skin loses moisture very quickly! For anyone else who has flown long haul before, you will know that your skin gets very dry and 'froggy'(couldn't think of another way to phrase it!) and your hair practically sticks to your head and goes super flat! So I decided to share what I do on a plane to prevent this from happening, and to looks as good as possible the other end. 

This is the bag that I take everything in, it is a really convenient size for travelling and I love it!
  •  Firstly, I never wear makeup on a plane! If you can avoid it you really should. Sometimes I wear makeup to the airport and then remove it in the toilets before I get on the plane, and sometimes I don't wear any at all.
  • You should drink as much as possible, after getting through customs I always go and buy a big bottle of water, and drink it often when on the plane.
Click read on if you are interested in seeing the products I use!
Now onto the products I use:
Avene Eau Thermale
I think it is a good idea to have a refreshing spray like this to add extra moisture into your skin and to soothe it, because when skin gets dry it can get irritated, I am trialling this one this year, but the Evian Spray is another alternative to this.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Mini Deodorant
This is great to freshen up with, especially because I am usually flying for about 12 hours! I love this one because it is in a baby size, and it smells lush!

Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve
Regular vaseline & chapstick will not be able to help with how dry your skin gets on a plane, you need an intensive lip treatment, I really like this one and think it adds tons of moisture, I would definitely reccomend this, however a cheaper alternative would be the Blistex intense moisture lip treatment.

Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated
I have got this in a super mini size, but hand cream is really important to lock moisture into your paws! I would suggest getting an ultra moisturising hand cream, or a concentrated one(like this one), even if you have super oily skin, like I do! You will not believe how dry your skin gets!

Tesco Moisture & Protect Anti Bac
Anti bac is super important! With all the people on the plane and only a handful of toilets it is not always convenient for you to get up before every meal and wash your hands, or wash your hands when you need a freshen up, so it is a good idea to take an anti bacterial wash. I love this one because it also adds some moisture and it smells great.

 Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa
Okay you probably think I am mad! But a face mask is really important! It adds a lot of extra moisture, I would suggest getting a clear face mask, or one of these cloth masks. These cloth masks can just be peeled off and you can wipe the clear ones off, also no one will really be able to tell if you wear a clear face mask. I usually put these on when they switch the lights out!

 Travalo in Pink
I love my travalo! It is aeroplane approved, and it is tiny so fits perfectly in your bag! I like to take this to freshen up with, and I always put my favourite perfume in it
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
Dry shampoo is great for adding volume back into your hair, as the pressure from the cabin always makes my hair go really flat! Also it makes your hair smell super nice.

 Body Shop Body Butter in Shea Butter
A lot of you may think that this is taking it to a whole new level, but I have super oily skin and would never go near let alone think about putting a body butter on my face, it would be like an oil slick on my face and I would break out like crazy, but honestly until you go on a very long flight you will not understand how dry your skin is, and this is the only thing that works! This is designed for very dry skin which is a far cry from my skin, but it is the only thing that keeps moisture in my face!

YSX Anti Puffiness Eye Gel

The skin on your eyes is very sensitive and needs looking after on a plane! I use this gel because it is also anti puffiness, which is great as on a plane my eyes go super puffy! I would definitely recommend picking up an eye gel/cream for a plane.

On the flight that I am going on they supply a colgate mini toothpaste & toothbrush so I do not need to pack that for on the flight! Which is great
What do you think? Do you have a beauty regime for on a plane?

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  1. This is really nice. I never had any beauty regime for on a plane but now I am seriously thinking to have one. Have a nice day xxx

    Sneak peek into my life

    1. Hiya thanks for following my blog :D I will follow yours back! Thankyou, I would definitely reccomend it and your skin will thankyou! Also it will make you feel better because your water source will be reserved for your body rather than your face if that makes sense? Because your skin won't be trying to use the water aswell :D xx

  2. Where did you buy your travalo from!?xxx

    1. I got it off of Amazon :D I have seen them in Boots aswell :) xx

  3. Brilliant ideas! I love the Neutrogena Hand Cream Concentrated as well. I use it whenever I'm outdoors a lot, and find it works wonders. Say goodbye to scaly hands for good! xxx

    1. Thankyou! I think it is amazing haha yes :) I have such awful hands haha :') xx

  4. I want to go on a long haul flight just so I can try all these in the perfect curcumstances lol

    Great Post hunni x


    1. Hahaha :') I will be doing a post on how well this all worked on my flight! I don't like long haul flights, as although I fly every year I am so scared of flying!! Haha, it is awful :( Thanks very much!xx

  5. Theres things in here that I would never think of but they are great ideas, great post lovely x x

    1. Thanks very much! I used them on my flight to Singapore and they worked wonders, my skin felt very refreshed when I got off the plane :) xx


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