Wednesday 18 July 2012

Guest post #1 Hair Loss

If you think that hair loss is a problem that affects only men, then think again. According to a leading UK hair loss clinic, up to 50% of women suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives.[1]
Losing hair is a normal part of the life cycle of your hair, but just how many hairs should we shed daily? Well, that is a figure that differs for everybody and has much to do with those pesky genetic factors you were born with and can do nothing about—that is, your natural hair color and your predisposition to losing hair.
Blond people generally have denser hair, with as many as 140,000 individual follicles, while redheads have the least dense, with only around 90,000[2]. Consequently, blonds tend to naturally lose more hairs per day than other people. A loss of 150 hairs per day is not uncommon and generally nothing to worry about.[3]
Abnormal hair loss, however, is a source of great anxiety for many teenage girls and women.[4] It can have various causes, but there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the stresses and strains that your scalp and hair endure on a daily basis.
  1. Avoid stress as much as possible.
  2. Choose your hair treatments wisely: avoid harsh salon chemicals, dyeing and bleaching.
  3. Set your hair dryer to the coolest setting, or better still, let your hair dry naturally. But remember that wet hair stretches and breaks more easily than dry hair.
  4. Avoid shampoos and other beauty products that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and other such chemicals that have been linked to skin irritation.

The flower used in the product

So, having changed your habits and ruled out any medical reason for your itchy, painful scalp and hair loss, what else can you do?
Phoenix All Natural Co. Ltd. recently launched a natural treatment that has shown excellent results for women with thinning hair or damaged scalp. Based on a traditional Thai remedy, their 100% vegan Hair Regrowth Oil is a mix of coconut oil and the essence of the butterfly pea flower, long used in Southeast Asia as a remedy for hair and scalp problems. Application is simple: a dropperful is massaged into your scalp prior to going to bed and then washed out the next morning.
Feedback from our female users has been tremendously positive, with comments on improved scalp condition, stronger and thicker hair, less shedding and much more manageability, with results appearing in a matter of weeks.
Currently we have a special introductory offer of two months’ supply for the price of one, with free express shipping worldwide from Thailand:
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  1. Great blog post. I suffered from hair loss because of my unhealthy diet, but it seems to be getting better now that i'm eating more healthily.

    Followed you on GFC - found you on the BBU Hop.



    1. Thankyou :) I am glad it has got better! Thanks, I will follow you back :) xx

  2. I also suffered for hair loss, but after a hair restoration treatment at my problem is like solved.
    I've heard about it from a friend who also followed a treatment there and who was very satisfied of her results... I said that I must give it a try as well.

    1. Oh wow I will definitely check that out! Thanks xx

  3. Great webpage brother I am gona inform this to all my friends and contacts.
    hair growth is possible with procerin

  4. A good, complete supplement would be comprised of all the ingredients to help stop hair loss as well as provide the other ingredients that promote healthy hair growth.

  5. Eating a balanced diet can help counterbalance hair loss. Getting plenty of sleep and feeling well-rested will also help. Limiting the stresses in your life can also play into hair loss, so figuring out what is stressing you out might help. These are all just simple, natural steps that can combat hair loss.


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