Sunday 2 September 2012

Share the Love September!

Hi Everyone!

So last month I decided to do a share the love post, and asked you to send me a 200 word paragraph, or there abouts, about yourself & you blog so that I could include it in a post. I thought this would be a great idea so that we can all find some wonderful new blogs to read, and get our lovely blogs noticed!

So I'll hand over to all the wonderful people that have written paragraphs for me!

My Photo Clara
" Clara is the history geek, A Level student and beauty blogger behind Countess Du Blush.  She is an Irish blogger living in England, dreaming of Versailles and frequenting the MAC Counter; and dedicates her blog to makeup reviews, FOTDs  and chatter. She also despises referring to herself in the third person.

love all things floral, colourful,  lacquered and bright: from lipstick to eyeshadow to skirts and boots, I love to channel something new every day and explore the impossibly unique world of makeup and fashion. My posts are a sugary-sweet sundae of personable chatter, informative opinion with a drizzle of humour and linguistic flair; and I want nothing more than to share my style and thoughts with the world. 

Countess Du Blush is a gum-drop cosmetic paradise where I candidly talk makeup and beauty with just a hint of nostalgic history or literary reference to keep my inner bookworm from getting terribly crabby.  I love to contribute to the British and Irish blogasphere, and I hope you will join me at
All my love, Clara.  "


"Efia - a Scottish student studying in Aberdeen is the creator of -  a lifestyle blog which covers her time at uni and what she gets up to when she’s not there. 

I only just started my blog earlier this week but there are still a handful of posts on there if you fancy a nosey! I love clothes and make-up as much as any girl but being a student I have to be a bit more careful with my spending so I talk about other things in my life too! In the future expect to see me blog about meal ideas, cheap living tips, quotes that inspire me, OOTDs, bar, club and restaurant reviews, and loads of make-up looks tried out on my poor unsuspecting flat mates!

Got to dash as I’m off to London today (see why here: Thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you Livi for featuring me on your blog!

Efia xxx "


"My name is Becca and I'm a 14 year old beauty and partly fashion blogger. On my blog I write reviews, hauls, OOTD'S, Nail's of theday as well as the occasional nail tutorial.  I love photography and I'm taking it as an extra GCSE. I've only been blogging since April this year and I already have a group of lovely followers - feel free to join them. I'm currently holding a w00 blog follower giveaway.....

My twitter is @beccasfandl - I'm always happy to have a chat! "

"Hi there! just emailing you about the share the love idea! 
I'm 15 and new to blogging! Recently I've been really into makeup even though I am still quite young. I was inspired by FleurDeForce & SprinkleOfGlitter on YouTube (check them out if you don't know them) and really love the idea of blogging. I don't have many posts but am planning loads right now. I mostly review products and love sharing my thoughts with other people. I don't have many followers yet but it would be really awesome to have some more! 
Thanks! "

Unfortunately Amy didn't give me a link to her blog, but when I get hold of her and get her link I will include it in this post :)

My PhotoSelinah
"Hi :)
I'm Selinah. I'm 18 and completely addicted to fashion (sounds cheesy I know!).
love everything about it but my favourite thing is having the freedom to express yourself however you like.
I believe there are no rules when it comes to personal style and that's what makes it fun.
I definitely want to pursue a career in fashion doing journalism and editorial styling.
My blog is fairly small and unknown although I've had it for about two years now. It's basically a diary of all my fashionable thoughts,loves and lusts.
love how much of a community bloggers have become and speaking to other people who share the same passion is wonderful.
Come and say hi! "

"Whispersfromangels ( blog was started as a way to try something new, this then became a passion and i havent looked back! I lovemeeting new bloggers and reading the comments. I blog about beauty, fashion, vintage&life. Am grateful to all my followers...loveblogging!!! Yay!! Alessia x "

My PhotoEmily

"Hiya lovelies! My name's Emily, I'm 19 years old, based in the UK and about to start university in September (& can't wait!!). My blog is and although it is barely 4 months old, it feels like I've been blogging for a lot longer! I mainly blog about beauty (FOTDs, reviews, hauls etc) however I do throw in the odd fashion posts (usually wishlists) and life advice posts (including acne, long distance relationships and dieting). I'd like to think my blog has something for everyone to read and would loveto gain some more readers and feedback about my blog so I can continue to improve. If you like what you've read here, then come and say hi on my blog! I try to always reply to comments and would appreciate any feedback you have! Thanks :)  "

So check out all these wonderful girls!

Thanks for reading


  1. This is a great post, hitting up some of these blogs! Can I be in one sometime? :)


    1. Hi :) Thanks very much! Yeah sure thing, I don't know when I will do the next one but I ill definitely do it soon & when I do I'll be in touch :) xx


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