Thursday 6 September 2012

Benefit High Beam Review

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When I saw this mini sample in Benefit magazine a while ago now, I knew I had to have it and I am kicking myself for not picking up the minis of 'Posietint' & 'Benetint' too but oh well. I love this highlighter, and since I have been using it I haven't used a powder one since! I do love powder highlights but I think powder products can look very unnatural and recently I have gone to nearly all cream products as I find it gives a beautiful and extremely natural look.

I like to apply this after I have applied my foundation, powder & concealer to add some radiance back into my face. What I love about this product is it doesn't look really glittery and adds a very nice glow. You won't look like a glitterball in harsh light either, you will just look very healthy. I find that this also photographs well and makes the skin look beautiful, so if you are someone who is infront of the camera a lot this is definitely a bonus.

What Benefit say:

'Our satiny pink liquid highlighter accents cheek & brow bones for a radiant glow. Use as a spot highlighter or delicately blend all over your complexion. Looks perfectly radiant on all skin tones. It's the "supermodel in a bottle"!'

What I say:

I agree that it definitely accents cheek & brow bones for a radiant glow and definitely helps with contouring, to get more of a contrast between the hollows of the cheek and the tops of the cheekbones. I think this would work on all skin tones, but I think it is more aimed at pale skin and sun beam or moon beam would be better alternatives for people with a darker skin tone. But overall I am in love with this product! I love the packaging and think it makes it super easy to apply, and being a nailpolishaholic makeup that looks like nail polish screams for me to love it.

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What do you think of this product?


  1. I really love this as well, just sadly it doesn't stay on my face for long :(


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    1. Oh that's a shame :( even though I have oily skin this seems to stay on suprisingly well, maybe try setting it with a powder highlighter, or makeup setting spray?xx

  2. Thankyou! I will definitely check that out :) xx

  3. Looks like a fab product ! x

    1. It really is! I would definitely recommend it and it stays on my skin for ages!xx


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