Tuesday 18 September 2012

Guest Post- Summer Makeup Trends 2012

Summer Makeup Trends of 2012 

Fashionistas are already spotting the latest fashions for the coming season. Now summer is almost over, let’s take a nostalgic look back over the fashion trends we’ve been enjoying this season before we start looking forward to the future of our wardrobes 

Silver Metallic Eyes 

We love this summer’s addiction to metals, especially the sparkling silver eyeshadow that has been trending in 2012. The shining, white tones reflect light up to the browbone and add a little shimmer to the eyes. Paired with fake eyelashes, this silvery hue is ideal for parties and clubbing. It’s a glitzy look that matches well with silver jewellery or translucent, precious gems like diamonds.  

Cat Eyes 

It’s time to master your eyeliner because cat eyes are making their presence known. The flick at the edge of the eye elongates the corners for a seductive, feminine style.  

Now there is new approach to eyeliner: the double-edge. To get this look, add an extra wing for the bottom of your eyes to get double the effect. Whilst most people will be sticking with what they know, the double-edged cat eye is a favourite for the fashion forward. 

Sun Kissed Skin 

It’s all very well waiting for the sun to give you that beautiful, natural tan, but in places like the UK, you’ve got no chance. Get that sunny glow with tinted moisturiser and peach bronzer. This natural look is supposed to use as little makeup as possible, so just stick to neutral colours for the rest of your face. Inspired by the Olympics this year, the natural look is supposed to give the impression that you are healthy, sporty, and constantly outdoors. Of course, that’s not true, but your skin will say otherwise.  

Look To Your Lips: Rose 

Lipstick has made a welcome return, and bright shades are definitely in. If you’re not exactly comfortable supporting a pout of bright red lippie, rose is the colour for you. Be brave and go a shade brighter than you would usually. You don’t want your hair getting caught in your lovely lipstick so enlist the help of professional hairdressing supplies and services for a gorgeous hairstyle to go with your new makeup.  

Red Pouts 

We are sure this iconic look is never going to go out of fashion, and we never get tired of seeing it either. The red lipstick style works for everyone – it’s just a matter of finding the right red for your skin tone. With the option of going matte or glossy, you’ll never get tired of this classic look. Fairer skinned ladies should opt for coral tones, whilst any other skin colour can proudly wear vibrant reds.  


There has been some serious colour-blocking on the catwalks this year, but our favourite shade to crop up this summer is mint. If you don’t want to wear this colour on your face then it looks absolutely stunning as a nail varnish. Match it with a stylish, mint handbag to make your nails really stand out. This feminine, pastel colour is bound to lighten up any skin tone.

Written by Sophie Banat 

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  1. Great advice hun! I love peachy colours on the face (although dark lipstick is always for me!)




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