Sunday 30 September 2012

100 Day Spending Ban Update #4

28 days down, 73 to go! I have done suprisingly well this week, I have not really wanted anything. The only thing is it was the Models Own 50% off sale, and I purchased a few polishes. Usually I have been saying no to sales, but this one was too good to miss, and I am a massive fan of Models Own. I have decided that I will not allow myself to use these until after my spending ban, and this will be my treat for if I do not mess up again. If I do mess up again, I will give them away.

So onto my wishlist:

MUA Nail Constellations
(image taken from MUA cosmetics Facebook Page)

GHD Thick Plate Straighteners
(image taken from

I do have a pair of GHD's, I have the Pink Orchid limited edition ones, but my hair is quite thick and so these don't work as well as they would on other people's hair. I tried these whilst round at my friends, and they worked a lot better for me. Just out of interest, if I were to sell my Limited Edition GHD's with their case, heatproof mat and the straighteners, that have only been used 3 times, would anyone be interested in buying them? This is not for certain but I may sell them.

So this is all I have been wanting this week!

Thanks for reading


  1. I'm going to do the 100 day spending ban in January x

  2. I couldn't even make the 28 days, let alone the 100! I'm proud of you! :)


  3. i desperately need to embark on some kind of spending ban! well done you!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a dixi arrow bracelet. it's worldwide, too! :)

    1. Hhaah thankyou, will definitely check it out!xx

  4. Brave lady! I need someone to put me on a spending ban! Your right though the models own sale was too good to resist :)

    Lovely blog! Would love if you could check mine out and maybe follow each other 

    1. Hhehe thanks, yes that was the only way I could justify it :) Yes I will definitely check out your blog!xx

  5. the mua nail things look really cool :)


    1. I have some from another company and love them!xx


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