Tuesday 25 September 2012

Girl About Town Lashes - Only £2.99?!

Hey Everyone,

So I was watching a video by Makeup Stick (you can check their channel out here a few weeks ago and Kayla said that she loved these Girl About Town Lashes, and the best thing? They are only £2.99 from Savers.

I rushed out to pick these lashes up, and I picked up the ones above. On the front they say they are the 'Soho' lashes, but on the barcode on the back they said they were the 'Carnaby' lashes, so I am not 100% which design these are, judging by the description of the lashes on the back of the box, these could be either, but I think are more likely to be Carnaby.

I have worn these lashes so many times! I am already on my second set of these lashes. I got about 4 uses out of these before I had to chuck them out which is pretty amazing considering the price. I love the look these give to my lashes, they give them more volume and so much length. I wore these when me and my friends went to an U18 club, and they stayed on the whole time and were perfect. These also look really nice for the day time, they are a little more dramatic than some of the super natural lashes you can get, but they definitely weren't over the top. These just looks so natural on the eyes and are great. These lashes do come with glue, but I haven't tried that because I have been using my Eyelure glue, but judging from previous experiences with lash glues that come with lashes, they are awful and you're better just buying a tube of a better one.

I will definitely continue to repurchase these and would like to try some of the other designs. Here are the descriptions of the 4 designs that Girl About Town do:

Soho- 'So playful, so naughty and so attractive. These lashes create melting good looks that could tempt anyone to stray to the party side'

Carnaby- 'Unforgettable style and a definite fashion statement with these memorable falsies. London's original heart of fashion is a look so classic it is never out of date'

Camden- 'Take the word vamp to a new level with eyes that have all the seduction of a sensual, alluring temptress. Bewitch & entrance for an unforgettable look.'

Covent Garden- 'Viva la diva with these dramatic falsies that create a look to suit drama queens everywhere! Get in touch with your passionate side & make eyes that flash & beguile'

Thanks for reading

Which of these designs would you try? What are your favourite lashes?


  1. I love makeup stick! watch their videos all the time! I like the look of these particular ones :) xx

    1. Me too! They are one of my favourite youtubers :D They are very nice, I would definitely recommend them :D xx

  2. Replies
    1. They are so amazing! I definitely recommend them, I am now on my 3rd pair!xx

  3. These are REALLY cute and the price is really good too. They look like they would look really nice on :)


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