Friday 31 August 2012

September Blogger of the Month

Hi Everyone!

This month I have had so many amazing entries, so thankyou to everyone who has entered. It has been really tough again as everyone that has entered has had an amazing blog, & I found it very hard to narrow it down to a winner. I have spent about 2 hours(no jokes!) reading through everyone's posts and trying to decide on a winner. Definitely check every single blog out this month, and give them a follow if you like them!

So here were the wonderful entries this month(in no particular order)

So because I have had so many amazing entries, I have decided to break it down into three categories(this time I will just announce the winner, as I really couldn't narrow it down to a top 3, all the entries were seriously amazing):

  1. Beauty Blogger of the Month
  2. Fashion Blogger of the Month
  3. Lifestyle Blogger of the Month
So the winner of 'Beauty Blogger of the Month' is...

Becca has recently reached 100 followers and is doing a giveaway so definitely check that out to win some great L'Oreal prizes. Becca writes her blog really well and has a nice mix of posts(mainly beauty but also some fashion posts) and she sets all of her posts out really nicely so that they are easy to read. Her blog is not overly cluttered and is set out very professionally. The pictures on her blog are always really good quality and taken in very good light. I always read Becca's new posts & she is a genuninely lovely person, we have some great laughs on twitter and she is a very good friend to me. We also have a very similar sense of humour and we get on very well. I have been very lucky to meet Becca through blogging.

The winner of 'Fashion Blogger of the Month' is...

Lorraine is actually a Spanish blogger, but she blogs in both Spanish & English so don't worry if you don't speak Spanish, I don't! Her blog is set out very nicely, and she has a great range of posts(mainly fashion), they all focus on different aspects of fashion and she does lots of different kinds of posts, so there is something for everyone. My personal favourites are her 'How to Wear It' posts, and she has done one recently on how to style creepers which you can check out here, which I found really helpful as I have always wondered how to wear creepers, and I am debating getting some.

The winner of 'Lifestyle Blogger of the Month' is...

Ikra writes a range of different lifestyle posts, which I love to read because they are all very interesting and inspiring. She includes quotes, and her thoughts on different things, and one of my favourite posts that she has done recently was 'Smile And You Might Change a Life' which you can check out here , it was a really lovely post and I definitely agree. I am a very smiley person, and I love to see others smiling too! So this was right up my street. I think this blog is great if you just want cheering up, or want to look on life in a new light. I would definitely recommend reading through a few of her posts, they are great and I think everyone would really enjoy her posts and style of writing.

Thanks very much to everyone who entered,

If you want to enter next month please comment or tweet me

Thanks for reading


  1. Congratulations to the lovely winners!
    XOXO from a new follower here.
    Keep up the great work, doll,

    1. Aww thanks very much for following! I will head over to your blog asap and follow :) Thankyou very much :D xx

  2. Thanks a bunch. It really amaze me how sometimes someone sitting in different corner of world feature you and your work. I am glad :) I'll surly link the post in my upcoming post. I've been away from blogging for like 2 weeks, attending conferences and lot of such stuff. But I'll surly read your blog on weekend and will drop by :) xxx

    Sneak peek into my life

    1. Aww you're very welcome! I have really enjoyed reading your blog :) Hhaha yes that's what amazes me about blogging too! Thanks very much :) xx

  3. Thank you Livi - that's so sweet!!
    We are such cool grannies ;)xx

    1. Haha yes we are extremely cool grannies ;) xx

  4. Aww you're welcome granny ;) xx

  5. Thank you very much!! *_*
    I never thought I will be chosen! <3 So sweet of you :)
    Have a nice day xx



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