Friday 17 August 2012

Guest Post #8 Top 5 Trends at the Moment!

Hello there lovely people,

 My name is Clare and I live over on A Bit of This and That. I have been writing for since June and I’m really enjoying blogging and meeting new people. A little bit about my blog, I mostly write about beauty and make up, with the odd bit of fashion (mostly hauls) and other oddments that pop into my head thrown in for good measure.

 It took me a while to decide what to do for this blog post and then it hit me. I thought that I’d give you a bit of an insight into my style by talking about my Top 5 trends at the moment.

 Now before we start I would like to say that I use the term trend loosely as I am not the most fashionable person in world but I do like to try and keep up. So here we go:

  1.  All things Patriotic 
So with the Olympics upon us the UK has got very patriotic with Union Jacks everywhere on t-shirts, playsuits, I’ve even seen a pair of trousers covered in Union Jack flags. I have got into the action with this scarf. I have a scarf for every occasion (and more to boot) so of course when I saw a Union Jack scarf for £3 in Primark, it went straight into my basket.
2. Mint Green 
There is currently mint green everywhere, the fashion world seems to be mint mad. It’s a lovely colour which goes great with jeans so when I saw this blazer in a sale, I had to buy it ( and yes I do also have a mint green scarf) 

 3. Lace. 
There is a lot of Lace around. I love lace, if done right it can look very sophisticated and smart. Another thing I love about lace is how feminine it looks, a little lace can make an outfit look very girly, in my opinion. 

 4. Skater Style Dress/Skirt 
Skater dresses and skater skirts are so great. The way they fit makes everyone look amazing, the way that the skirt flows out. I can do nothing but sing the praises of this style and hope that shops continue to produce Skater dresses or dresses in the same style.

 5.Rose Gold 
The colour Rose Gold is everywhere at the moment. The colour was brought to my attention when I found out about the Michael Kors Watch in Rose Gold (if I was rich that would be mine). It’s slightly different from the normal Gold and I like different, therefore I love it haha. 

  So there are my five “trends”. I hope you liked them. Till Next Time, C xxx

 Message from Beaumaquillagex :I am currently away on holiday until mid August so some lovely people have offered to do guest posts for me, that's why you won't be seeing much of me for the next few weeks! Remember to enter my MAC blush giveaway  if you haven't already!


  1. I'm loving mint green and rose gold!^^

  2. I think mint green is a great trend! :)


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