Monday 6 August 2012

Guest Post #4 John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray

Guest Post by Hellogorgeousx

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray
I picked up this beauty of a product when Boots were doing a 3 for £10 offer on all of the John Frieda range (which, after checking, they seem to be offering still!). Ever since I dyed my hair brown and had it stripped and highlighted my hair has never been the same bright blonde it originally was.
Now, the summer sun normally corrects this – but as you know, it hasn’t made much of an appearance this year! So this was my next best bet.
I will advise, however, that the packaging does come with warnings about using the product of recently dyed/highlighted hair. It’s been many, many months since mine was done so I thought it would be fine to use.
Application of this product couldn’t be easier: you literally just spray it on to towel dry hair, dry and then style as required.
The results, well – I met a friend who I had not seen for a while and they commented on how bright and blonde my hair was! I have also noticed that my colour seems to have got a few shades brighter.
The only downside of this product is I find it can be quite drying with regular use. For this reason I only use it once - twice a week and apply a deep conditioning mask every now and then to repair any damage.
I would highly recommend this product for those Blondes out there, as I said it’s currently on offer at 3 for £10 or costs £6.99 on its own – it’s a no brainer!
Katrina - Hellogorgeousx xo

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  1. I've got this and I've used it a few times but I find it SO drying that it scares me a bit. Bleach is listed in the ingredients so I don't want to be ruining my hair. I might take it on holiday tho and use it while I'm away so I'll be really blonde by the time I'm back!x

  2. I have my natural chocolate brown hairs and I like them so may be don't need this product. But nice piece of information xx

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