Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August Blogger of the Month

I had such a tough time this month trying to pick just 1 blogger of the month! Every single one of my entries was unique & special in its own way. They were all extremely well written blogs and obtained lots of wonderful personality! For this reason I spent a good hour trying to narrow the blogs down to just one winner, and after a long and hard process I managed it. I would definitely recommend checking out all the entries. So here is a special mention to all of the beauties that entered(in no particular order):

So the top 3 are:

  1. Perfect Chemistry
  2. Ellie's Ramblings
  3. Viv by name, Div by nature
But there can only be one winner & that is:

*drumroll please*

Tori writes this blog so well! Her posts are interesting and I always read her new posts. She takes great pictures in very good lighting and they always look great. She has a wide range of posts on her blog such as NOTD's, hauls, reviews, fashion posts and much more. I like the broad range of posts she does as it makes her blog very interesting and varied. Tori started blogging at the start of 2012 and her blog has grown so quickly and she already has over 200 followers and I can totally see why. She has a balanced range of drugstore and high end products meaning that there is something there for everyone, even those of us on a tighter budget! I also love how she throws in a lifestyle post every now and again like her recent post on cookies, which I made and they were absolutely delicious. She is also currently running a giveaway to win 5 Models Own polishes so check that out if you haven't already.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, your blogs were all amazing and they all deserve awards! I have followed every single one of you(unless you didn't have the option on your blog) and I recommend that everyone else who sees this post does the same thing.
& congratulations to Tori for winning August Blogger of the month.

If you would like to enter for September's Blogger of the month please comment on this post, the page link at the top of the page, tweet me (@beaumaquillagex) or email me on

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  3. Would love to enter my humble blog. Thanks for this ;)

    1. Okey dokey :D I have entered you! You're very welcome :D xx

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