Sunday 14 April 2013

New Blog Button!

You may have noticed my gorgeous new blog button which was designed by the lovely Becky from Lipgloss & Lashes, you can check out her blog here, she has a lovely blog and I have only recently stumbled across it but I am really enjoying reading her posts, they are great so you should definitely go and check her out.

I am so pleased with this button, so thankyou so much Becky!

Which also brings me onto another topic, I recently 'de-cluttered' my blog buttons as loads of them didn't work, or people had deleted their blog or they were just out of date e.g. giveaway buttons, so I have decided to start from scratch again, so if you want to do a button swap with me leave me a comment with a link to your blog, then put my button on your blog and I will grab your button from your blog too! No bigger than 200x200 please :)

Thanks for reading me

Comment if you would like to do a button swap :)



  1. Thanks, glad you like it! If anyone else is interested in a button design just contact me and we can sort it out :) xo

  2. Would love to do a button swap, here's mines:


    1. Fab :) I will go grab your button now :D xo

  3. Just added yours to my blogger button page :)

  4. Good job on the button. Looks really great.

    I really like your blog. Now following you on GFC. Would mean a lot if you could have a peek at my blog ;) who knows, even follow if you like it? =D

    Looking forward to your next post xx

    1. Thanks so much! I love doing little things like making buttons :) xx

  5. I think she did so well! I love it :)

    Yeah I will definitely check out your blog :) Aw thanks, I am posting my nail polish collection #4 tomorrow :)

    Thanks for stopping by and following!xo


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