Saturday 27 April 2013

Acquerella Detox System

(I apologise for the dirty nail buffer, any tips on how to clean them?)

I am so excited to be writing this post.

I am a massive nail polish fan but because of this and my constant obsession about wearing it all the time, except when I am at school it has led to me having weak and brittle nails.

When I saw this in the package Nancy sent me at Christmas I was excited to try it and she told me loads of great things about it.

Since February I have used this about 3 times.

Basically what you do is:

  1. Use the black nail buffer to buff your nails
  2. Smooth your nails with the 'Smooth' side of the file
  3. Shine your nails with the 'Shine' side of the file 
  4. Remove any debree from your nails with the remover
  5. Apply the nail conditioner
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 every night for three nights.
This is seriously a miracle worker. From the first treatment I could notice a serious difference in my nails. When my nails get past a certain length they start to peel and break and it is very annoying since I cannot have my nails very long. However after using this my nails grew past this point and didn't peel or break and felt super strong. They also grew out with a pinky/blue tinge which looked gorgeous and made my nails look so healthy.

The conditioner, when applied basically looks and feels like a clear nail polish, you remove it every night and reapply for 3 days using the remover that comes with the set. I apply this about half an hour before I go to bed when I am reading and am not up and about because this takes a while to fully harden. Usually about 20 minutes.

After you have completed the three days of this 'Detox' System, your nails will look and feel noticeably healthier and you will see a huge difference, your nails will also look smooth and shiny for days afterwards.

I have been repeating this about once a month and every time I use this my nails look even more healthy!

I am so happy Nancy sent me this, so thankyou so much!

I definitely recommend it.

As for price wise, on the instruction leaflets that came with this it said there was a deal on from Beauty Army for this whole set for $16, as for us lot in the UK I am not entirely sure where you can get this from, although I have seen it on EBay.

Although Acquerella is a reasonably expensive brand it is so worth it and even though I have used this 3 times, there is still plenty left and I know for definite that I will be repurchasing this when I run out.

Thanks for reading

What are your favourite nail care products?



  1. I don't like to keep my nails long, because when they do grow out they get caught and break on everything :/ I really like the idea of this whole kit so you can give yourself a manicure at home without having to run to the salon with every chip in the nail! :) Will have a look!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. That's what always used to happen with me! but since I have been using this it has no longer been a problem at all :) Yeah it is such a cute idea :) heheh yay :D xx


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