Friday 6 September 2013

Staple Items | #SBBC Day 6

I think that today's topic for #SBBC is a really good one. It is about staples that perhaps you wouldn't normally talk about or mention, so I decided to talk about cotton wool. Most of us use this every day and I have had a fair few experiences with awful cotton wool that just falls apart. (not just me?) So I decided to share my favourite with you!

They are these large square cotton pads from the baby section in Tesco. I love how large they are because it makes taking off your makeup so much easier, and instead of using loads of little cotton wool pads, you only need 1 of these if you use both sides, or maybe 2 depending on how much makeup you are wearing.

The great thing about these cotton pads are they are very thick and they don't just disintegrate, they stay held together for the whole makeup removal. They are also fantastic for removing nail polish because they don't fall apart and they are much stronger and better at removing glitter polish too.

You get 50 of these for £1.73 and they will last you ages because you only need to use one because of how good quality they are. You can buy them here

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