Tuesday 3 September 2013

Cosmetics in my Hand Luggage | #SBBC Day Three

Hello and welcome to #SBBC Day Three! Today is what you take with you when you're travelling, so I decided to show you a few essentials that I take cosmetic wise, I don't take much but I take a few bits I can't be without on the plane.

First up, hairbands! I always have these with me incase my hair is annoying me and I want to tie it up, or for when I arrive wherever I am going if it is too hot I can tie my hair up straight away.

Next is lipbalm, my lips always dry out really badly on the plane so I think I would die without lip balm to add some moisture back to them!

Along the same lines as lip balm I have eye cream, the skin around my eyes goes so dry and horrible on a plane and so I have to apply eye cream or else I get really itchy sore eyes.

I always carry Anti-bac with me because I like to use it before the plane meals and to freshen up a little bit, or if I spill a drink on me etc. it saves getting up to go to the toilets.

I also take a body moisturiser because my skin gets very dry on the plane and it makes me feel very uncomfortable, this also helps to freshen me up a bit when I have been on a very long flight.

I like to take a concealer because I don't know if it is just me that this happens to, but being on a plane I always tend to get a few breakouts, I think it is because of the air and how it is kind of unclean, so I like to take concealer with me! It is also useful for covering under eye bags when I am feeling like a zombie the other side.

I can never sleep on a plane and I get quite uncomfortable so I like to take a sleep balm to calm myself down a bit and to try and help me get a few winks of sleep.

Last but not least, deodorant, to freshen up on the plane, I hate going for a day without a shower!

So those are my travel, carry on essentials, what are yours? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. I always carry antibac with me too, don't leave home without it! x


    1. Neither do I! It is such a good little invention hehe :D xx

  2. I forgot to include antibac in my post, but I definitely bring it with me when going anywhere too! x

    1. Aw it always annoys me when I realise I've left something out! hehe :D Yes I think it is fantastic! xx


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