Wednesday 11 September 2013

#SBBC Day 11 | Bourjois Cream Blush Review

 When these first came out I didn't rush out to get them, entirely because at £7.99 I thought they were a bit expensive, and I didn't have much money at the time! Although I was lucky enough to win 2 shades in Kelsey Kate's giveaway : Healthy Glow & Rose Tender. And they are gorgeous.
They come in a little round compact that closes with a magnet, which is really cute and means that they are easier to open and close, and you don't have to faff around every time you want to use them.

Healthy Glow is a peach colour and looks perfect with a tan.It is a kind of apricot colour and I think it is gorgeous!

Next is Rose Tender, a deep rose colour which is perfect for wearing every day!

And here are the swatches.

These blushes have a gorgeous texture. They are smooth and creamy, but not at all greasy or oily and they blend so easily. They dry to a kind of powder finish, but it is more of a satin finish rather than matte, and looks very natural giving you a glow. You can build these up as much as you like, you can wear them sheer or very pigmented. I apply mine with my fingers and then blend using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

Just for a size comparison, here is the blush in comparison to my hand. 

I think that even though you don't get a huge amount of product, you only need a little bit and I think they will last a long time. Also the product is gorgeous, the texture, the colour, the fact it doesn't crease and its longevity. Even on my oily skin, with a primer, this stays on all day which is great, I definitely recommend these!

Thanks for reading

Do you think these are worth the hype?


  1. i didn't run out and get these either but might have to invest in one both the colours you have are lovely :)

    1. They are so gorgeous and definitely worth the hype :D I'd love to hear what you think of them if you do get them :D xx

  2. I am going to have to add these to my "I want from the UK" list :)

    Southern Glamourista

    1. Aw they are fantastic! hehe they are one of the best cream blushes I have ever tried :D xx

  3. These are absolutely everywhere! I have my eyes on #1 and #3 :)) Great review! I'm a new follower ^^
    Merrie from The Chicc Boutique ♥

    1. They are great! and I agree, they are everywhere hehe. Thankyou! xx


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