Monday 2 September 2013

Favourite Eyeshadow Palette | #SBBC Day Two

 So it is day 2 of the September Beauty Blog Challenge (#SBBC) and today's topic is 'Favourite Eyeshadow Palette' and I didn't even have to think when I was deciding what to pick, it would have to be my Sleek Oh So Special Palette because I use it every day at the moment! There is such a great mix of colours from daytime through to night time.
As you can see towards the left of the palette are more neutral day colours and then on the right you have more night time colours. My favourites from this palette are the matte white in the top left hand corner, which I use as a matte highlight everyday. The shimmery copper brown, the dark charcoal brown which is great for in the crease, and the taupe colour. However I love and use all these colours.

As you can see from the swatches above, all the eyeshadows in this palette have crazy pigmentation! Especially the black, it is so pigmented and it is black, it doesn't go grey when swatched like most drugstore eye palettes do. This palette will only set you back £7.99 which works out at a complete bargain and in my opinion the Sleek Palettes are the best drugstore palettes available, I love the MUA ones however for me Sleek is even better! 

I have this in the Original as well but also want to pick up the Storm Palette. If you have any other Drugstore/highend palette suggestions then please leave me them in the comments!

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What is your favourite palette?


  1. I love sleek palettes, they're so pigmented and great quality shadows! And I see what you mean, this palette does seem accommodating for a lot of looks for day time and night! Might have to add this to my ever growing collection :P xx

    1. They're so great! Yes, it is perfect for holidays too because there is something for every occasion :D hehe I definitely recommend it! :) xx


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