Thursday 21 June 2012

Sprinkle of Glitter 7 Things for 7 Days:June

So I decided to join in with the Sprinkle of Glitter 7 Things Tag for June, for information click on the above link.

So here are 7 things I want to achieve in June:
  1. Finish the Hunger Games Trilogy
  2. Keep my room tidy!
  3. Make people smile
  4. Get more followers on my blog
  5. Keep uploading regularly on my blog
  6. Pass my German Exam
  7. Take some time to unwind as I have loads of exams at the moment and need to have some more me time!
Please check out the link to Sprinkle of Glitters post about this, it is a great idea and we should all join in!
Have a beautiful day!
Thanks Louise :)



  1. Great 7 things, number 3 made me smile :) I may be able to help you with number 4 if you have a look at my Tuesday newbies *let me know if your interested*

    Tanesha x

    1. Thankyou, aww I am glad it did :D Oh fab I will have a look now :)xx


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