Tuesday 12 June 2012

Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser

I haven't seen many reviews on the products from the Good Things line, but after receiving a sample of this moisturiser from the clothes show, I went straight out and bought the full size! 

You get 100ml of moisturiser for £7.99 which is not bad at all! 

'MIRACLE MATTIFIER with blackcurrant and goji berry superfruits is quickly absorbed to hydrate your skin. It also helps to absorb any excess oil, so your skin stays smooth and matte and is less prone to breakouts.'


So assessing the claims, this definately does absorb quickly and since I have been using this it hasn't made me break out. I have oily/combination skin so I want a moisturiser that hydrates my skin without making it to oily & greasy & this does exactly that! This is amazing, it smells absolutely lush but it is naturally scented from the products they use so ideal for sensitive skin! Also it is free from substances that are bad for your skin & it is suitable for vegetarians & vegans. This is great for everyone because you are not damaging your skin, and especially on youthful skin! 

I definately recommend this for people with oily skin and it is a great price and really does work, you can pick this up from Boots. I also love their cleanser which I will be doing a review on later this week!

Have you tried any products from 'Good Things'?



  1. I've used the cleansing wipes and liked them a lot. It's good to know there's nothing nasty in them. Would love to try some of the other products. I think Sainsbury's might stock Good Things too :)


  2. I'll have to pick some of them up:) Yeah :D me too :) Oh right I didn't know that, thankyou :) x

  3. I've got this moisturiser & love it. I tried their makeup remover wipes but they were far too wet. Nice blog by the way. Found it from Miss budget beauty's retweet.

  4. It's great isn't it! and is smells amazing :) Oh thankyou, I was going to try them but I can't stand really wet makeup remover wipes. Thanks very much :D awww fab :)


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