Sunday 10 June 2012

MUA Blushes

I am all for a bargain with makeup but not many lower end brands or cheap products really shine for me. However these blushes retail for £1 in superdrug(yes just £1!) and they are amazing! I wouldn't usually pick up a blush that retailed for such a cheap price as I would just assume that it would be rubbish, but because the MUA range had been raved about, and I love their eye shadows I decided to give it a go.

I have 3 of these blushes in Shades 3,4 & 5
L-R shade 3,4 &5
These are only light swatches but you can see they have very good pigment, with a heavier swatch the pigment is extreme!

These do feel a bit powdery but when blended into the skin you really can't tell, you have to use these with a light hand or you will have way to much pigment on your face! But I think these are very comparable to the other drugstore blushes out there, and although not as creamy as the higher end blushes you can't complain for £1. The packaging does feel cheap and is not overly sturdy, but it the letters in silver on the front do look quite classy, but again for £1 what do you expect? You get 2.4g of product and most drugstore blushes are about 5g so you get about half. These wear for a good few hours, but it depends on your skin type, I have combination oil skin, but my cheeks are quite dry. Overall I would definately suggest trying these blushes out and some of the other products from the range, I recommend the lipsticks & eyeshadows from the range, but they are the only things I have tried. I really wish these blushes had names rather than shade numbers because I really like products to have names, however I think this might be something MUA are looking into as recently on the website I have seen they have given their lipsticks and some new products names.

What is your favourite MUA product?


  1. Hi hon, i'm a new follower and enjoying reading your blog! I love MUA they are a great budget brand, I have a blush, few lipsticks (which are great), a nail varnish and the heaven and earth palette which really is a good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette! x

  2. Aww thanks that's really sweet :D They really are, I love the lipsticks from there,I have two but I think I will buy all of them haha! I LOVE the heaven & earth pallette it is amazing!!xo


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