Saturday 23 June 2012

Dorothy Perkins Wedges

Dorothy Perkins Tan Platform Wedges - £32

I have recently developed an obsession for wedges. I just love the way they look so I decided for this summer I had to have a pair! So I was searching round for a pair I liked, and I couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere, so I went into Dorothy Perkins (I never go in) so I wasn't expecting to find anything I really liked, but then I saw these and I knew I had to have them! Although they are £32 they are extremely well made and very comfy.

The heel on these looks high, but the great thing about these shoes is they have a platform, so when you deduct the platform height from the heel, you are not walking on that big of a heel, if that makes sense. This means that the weight on your foot is evenly spread and your weight isn't always on the ball of your foot. I actually find these extremely comfy, and find them comfier than flats. I find having your foot really flat can be very uncomfortable but in these your foot is slightly raised but not too much so it feels very comfortable. I have also noticed that the cross over design with the straps is becoming increasingly popular and many brands are making their wedges like this now. I was in the market for some brown wedges, but I loved the design of these so much and thought they looked nice in tan and I have not been dissapointed. All I need now is some summer weather so I can wear these more!

Here's what they look like when I'm wearing them.

Thanks for reading!

Do you like wedges? If so what are your favourite?



  1. Really nice. I love wedges cos I'm not great at walking in heels so they're a comfier alternative whilst still looking great :) For years I've always bought Faith wedges for summertime :) Great post! x

  2. Wow, these are so pretty! Wedges are perfect for me (someone who tends to fall down a lot whilst wearing heels) haha, lovely post :) xxx

  3. Thanks, yeah I wear wedges because heels kill my feet! hahha, I love these because they're almost like you're walking flat however be warned these wedges have a thin sole and I tripped over in the middle of the road! Although i think that could have been because I wasn't looking where I was going! Thankyou :D xx

  4. Thanks, I absolutely love them :D xxx


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