Monday 11 June 2012

Models Own Lengthen & Curl Mascara Review

I was on the hunt for a new curling mascara & when I went into Boots I was browsing the Models Own counter looking for a new nail polish when I saw they did a range of mascaras. Now I had not seen any reviews on any of the mascaras from Models Own so I decided to give it a go & see for myself.

This mascara claims to be a '2 in 1 Lengthen & Curl Mascara designed to enhance the natural curl of your eyelashes & create a frame for your eyes. Our curved 'V' design brush promotes length & curl'

Now this claim is very accurate, I personally curled my lashes as I have naturally very straight lashes, but this definately enhanced the curl and added a lot of length and definition to my lashes. So off I went out of the house to school feeling all fancy with my defined lashes. But part way through the day I looked in the mirror(about 3 hours after applying) and this had flaked all over my face and had nearly all come off my lashes. I was so un impressed! It was a wet formula when I applied it so it shouldn't have flaked. I don't rub my eyes or touch them throughout the day so this really had no reason to come off. I thought this was just a one off but it happened again & again & again.

I would definately recommend this mascara if your just popping out for an hour or so and want beautiful lashes, but if you are expecting wear out of your mascara this is definately not for you! I don't know if this is just me, because there are not many/any reviews for this mascara, or if I got a bad batch of mascara but this really flakes which is such a shame because the effect it gives your lashes is amazing!
my lashes before

Lashes after 1 coat
The brush applies the mascara really well and gets to all your lashes. It doesn't make the mascara clumpy and gives a nice even application so that you can build up the coats and have lovely looking lashes. I just really wish this had some staying power. Its a shame because the Models Own nail polishes are phenomenal! They are so good and they have so many colours, they are hands down the best nail polishes I have ever tried!

This mascara retails for £6.00 and is available from Boots or on their website

Have you tried any Models Own products?



  1. Such a shame it didn't last so well! I've tried a Models Own lipstick a couple of years ago before I knew much about the brand and their nail polishes and I was really impressed with it. Thanks for the review, it'll come in use when I'm next looking at their products :} x

  2. Yeah I really wish it did because I love the effect so much! I will have to try their lipsticks :) yeah their nail varnishes are fantastic :D That's okay I am glad you found it helpful :D x

  3. What a shame about the mascara! I've only tried Models Own nail varnishes so far, they have some gorgeous shades! x

  4. Yeah :( Yeah they really do! I especially love the new Head Kandi range, I really want to get Ibiza Mix :) x


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