Sunday 26 May 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Review

Cherry Cherry Bang Bang

The Sky's the Limit


Yellow Kitty
(Sorry I have just realized this is the swatch to the left - not in the middle)

Today I am going to be reviewing the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes, I am so glad that these are not a bit more accessible in the UK, although still not in every Boots store. I ordered these 4 off Fragrance Direct a couple of weeks ago, and have since fallen in love with them. I had tried one of these before in Lagoon which I loved, but I have lost it. 

These are fantastic, because they really are above and beyond many other nail polishes. I painted my Mum's nails with 'Cherry Cherry Bang Bang' last week and didn't apply a top coat, yet it lasted for a whole week, and after a week there was only a tiny bit of wear on the ends of her nails. She had even been out gardening twice!

The other great thing about these polishes are they are lovely and opaque and you could get away with just one coat, although I usually apply 2 coats just out of habit. They are opaque and they have a lovely glossy finish which I personally love. They apply very easily and they have a lovely brush that is slightly tapered at the end, which makes them very easy to apply. They dry quickly and they dry very smooth. Some polishes can dry bubbly or slightly streaky but these don't do this at all.

These polishes are 14.7ml which means they are just 0.3ml smaller than the OPI polishes. They retail for £6.99, although I bought mine off Fragrance Direct for £1.49. These however even at full price are very good value for money, they are great polishes and they are almost as big as OPI polishes which will set you back £11. They have a great colour selection and I personally love the shape and look of the bottles.

What do you think of the Sally Hansen polishes?
Have you tried them?

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  1. These are brilliant, I have a couple and they stay on for days without chipping. LOVE them ha

    R xx

  2. They are great aren't they? I will definitely be picking some more of these up :) xx

  3. Haha I love the name Yellow Kitty, I found it in Poundland for just £1 :)


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