Thursday 30 May 2013

Escentially Smooth*

So, although the weather isn't currently supporting my point, it is the time of year where the sun should be out and it should be shorts season! We were lucky enough to get 2 beautiful days earlier this week but now it looks like yet again we have been blessed with English weather again.

Hair removal creams are, in my opinion, one of the best hair removal methods. Entirely because they are:
a) Quick and easy
c) Give good results.

This Escentially smooth hair removal cream contains:
 Aloe Vera 'Soothing and cooling Aloe Vera is rich in amino acids, vitamins A, C, F, B , Niacin and traces of Vitamin B12' 
Lotus Flower 'from the Lotus Blossom botanical family, renowned for permanently staying clean. Prevents water loss and protects the skin, offering optimal hydration' 
and finally Aromaguard 'A pioneering fragrance technology, using a counteractant to virtually eliminate the malodour in hair removal creams. Replacing them with a desirable fragrance, on first contact and throughout application.'

Now onto the review. I think that the lotus flower and aloe vera in this definitely do work to retain moisture, because one of my biggest pet peves with some hair removal creams is how dry they can make your skin afterwards and you have to apply a generous layer of body lotion to try and counteract this whereas with this product you do not have to do this. It removes hair within 5 minutes, and leaves skin looking very smooth. 

This has a very easy application, with a thick cream that you apply using the tool and then you leave it on for 5 minutes before removing the cream with the spatula tool. It comes off very easily and brings everything with it too. The other thing I love about this product is how convenient it is, and although it is only 100ml I have used it 3 times already on my legs and have only used about 1/3 of the bottle, which is great. This also doesn't sting, I am sure if you left it on longer than the maximum time of 10 minutes it would start to, but as long as you follow the instructions this does not leave your skin sore, and I have especially sensitive skin.

I think that although this is more expensive than shaving, you definitely do not have to use it as often as you would have to shave and this makes it a lot more convenient than shaving, which I like. 

The one thing I don't like about this product, is the smell. Although it claims to have Aromaguard which gives it a 'desirable smell', I am afraid I cannot agree with this. I don't like the smell at all, it is very chemical like and it very unpleasant. It is not as bad as other hair removal creams I have tried, and it is not so overpowering that I can't use this but because they are clamiming it has 'no nasty smell!' I think this, unfortunately is a false claim. Although it is definitely better and more pleasant than other hair removal creams, it still has the horrible chemical smell to it.

This retails for £5.99 and you can buy it in Boots.

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  1. I always find tht all hair removal products have a nasty smell :( I need to try a decent one for my bikini line for holiday as I am too much of a wimp to wax!

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    1. It's such a shame! haha me too :) Thanks, yes of course, I shall go follow you now :) xx


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