Sunday 19 May 2013

Colour Wow Root Cover Up*

Hi Everyone,

Back with another post, I am hoping to start blogging a bit more regularly know as I have finally managed to get rid of my migraine!

Anyway I am here reviewing the Colour Wow Root Cover Up for you! About 8 weeks ago I got some highlights put through my hair which made my hair quite a lot lighter and I am well in need of them doing again, however with exams and everything I currently don't have a spare 6 hours to go and sit in a salon and have my roots touched up so when I was asked if I would like to review these Colour Wow Root Cover Up's I jumped at the chance because I thought how perfect!

I received two of these kits, one aimed for light brown hair and one for blonde. My highlights have left my hair somewhere in between blonde and brown because I had some darker, and some lighter highlights put through my hair. 

What the company says: 'Camouflage your roots for perfect colour everyday. This professional powder compound was formulated to adhere to hair without being sticky or oily and without looking dry. Covers grey roots instantly and camouflages re-growth on lightened/highlighted hair. Hair retains its shine and natural feel. Dramatically extends the time between colouring'

Now onto the review, these kits are honestly fantastic! When I first received them I was very sceptical about them because I thought they would be more of a gimmick product and wouldn't actually cover my roots up. I also thought that even if they did make my hair look blonder at the top they wouldn't last very long and how wrong I was.

I used the blonde kit on my hair to touch up my highlights, and the brown kit on my Mum to cover up her grey roots so I can give you a review for two kinds of root touch ups.

I will start off with how well it covers naturally coloured hair. I have quite dark brown roots, they are not extremely dark but I would say they are a medium brown. This blonde powder covers these very well! I find where the most predominant highlights are in my hair and where the brown has come through at the roots I applied the blonde powder with the brush that comes with the kit. You need to put about 2 or 3 layers on each strand to make sure you get the blonde the same colour as your hair. What is great about this kit is it will work for all kinds of blonde hair, because if you have a darker blonde you don't need to build this up as much, or if you have a lighter blonde you can build it up more.

After applying this to my roots I gave it the day test and it worked very well! It stayed in all day and made my hair look like it had been re highlighted and boy did it make my hair look so much better without those horrendous brown roots. I even went to sleep with this on and I woke up in the morning and the powder was still there. This washes out when you shampoo your hair which is obviously understandable but it is water resistant so it doesn't come out if it rains.

Now onto the second part of the review, how it worked on grey roots. I would say it worked better on the grey roots. As you will know if you are greying, grey hair is very stubborn to cover but this really covers them. I am not sure about how well the blonde would work as I didn't try that on grey roots, but the brown worked very well. It covered up my Mums white/grey roots and it lasted over night. She loves this and I have given it to her now because it makes it so much easier to go that bit longer without having to redye your roots. This lasted on my Mum for 2 days and then she washed her hair but I think that is pretty impressive lasting power. The great thing is this also doesn't make your hair look oily or greasy at all.

Being forgetful like I am I completely forgot to take a picture of my Mums hair before I put this in, but as you can see this powder has completely gotten rid of her roots. She had roots of about 1cm of grey hair and as you can see from the picture they have completely gone which is great.

These retail at £28.50 a kit, which although sounds initially very expensive it is supposed to last for 60 applications,and although I have only used this about 4 or 5 times, there is not much of a dent in the powders above as you can see. That works out at 48p per application which is extremely cheap when you think about it!

These are available in Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown and you can buy them here

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  1. Ahh, this seems like such a good idea!
    I thought the price was £2850 I was like whaaaat?!!? Hahaha, but I read it wrong!
    Estelle x

    1. I really like it :) haha - woah no! That would be like powdered gold hehe :)

      Thanks for reading!xo

  2. Wow what an amazing product, ill definitely have to take a look at this product in the future

    1. They are really great! I was actually surprised at just how good these are :) xx

  3. I wonder if this would work on me? I doubt it because I have medium blonde hair dyed white blonde so the blonde one is probably the same colour as my roots anyways, haha :) This seems great though :D xx

    1. It does come out quite light when you first apply it, although it is quite a golden blonde so I am not sure it would disguise roots for white blonde hair? They are great though!xx


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