Saturday 11 May 2013

Festival Releases From Lanolips! *

Hi Everyone!

I am now back from my mini break from blogging - I am feeling much better now and would like to say a massive thankyou to you all for your kind words. 

Anyone, on a cheerier note I have some Festival products from Lanolips to share with you all!

Golden Ointment*

101 Ointment*

Golden Ointment:

What They Say: This vintage-inspired handbag-sized tin contains the famed 100% natural Golden Ointment formula.  This Super Moisturiser for extremely dry skin areas is perfect to keep on hand to smooth rough patches on elbows, spruce up cuticles or tame fly-away hair.  Rich and thick, it is enhanced with healing antibacterial Manuka honey, making it a great beauty rescue remedy for firstsigns dry skin or pimples, so you can enjoy any music festivals worry-free . Housed in a light-weight tin, Golden Ointment in this a mini marvel set to be a new handbag hero.
What I say: I love this oitment, at first I was using it for my lips which works great even  in the day time because it is no thicker than your average lip balm that comes in a tin, however because I was trialling out the 101 ointment at the same time I decided to use this on my heels and elbows because I am currently using my gradual tanners to get a more sunkissed look since I am feeling a bit like a ghost at the moment.

I used this prior to fake tan, first I applied my Shea Butter body lotion from the Body Shop and then I applied this to my knees, elbows and heels and left it on over night before using my gradual tanner the next morning. When I woke up the next morning - and this is 100% honest - I could not believe how soft my heels, elbows and knees where. I have seriously dry skin and a lot of the time when I use any kind of tanning product I just cannot make my skin be soft enough for it not to cling to the dry patches, but with this my skin was almost as smooth as the rest of my body which was fantastic and made such a difference to the look of my fake tan afterwards.

This is a great little product to take with you on holiday if you want a bit of fake tan to kick  start your bronzed complexion, or to use at home. It takes up literally no room in your case/bag and you could even have it in your handbag if flying.

This is £7.99 for 12.5g - a complete bargain! And it will last forever
101 Ointment:

What They Say:  "a lovely creamy lip treatment that has an exclusive formula able to hold over 200% of its own weight in moisture, which works quickly to relieve and repair dry, cracked and scaly lips. This Multi-purpose Ointment not only gives a naturally high gloss to lips it can also be used as a quick fix to groom brows or add a little sheen to eyelids and cheekbones. The perfect product for ensuring your skin stays fresh this festival season."
What I Say: I love this ointment because it is great for my seriously dry lips. Because the weather can't make its mind up as whether to be hot or cold it has really been taking its toll on my lips and making them very dry and chapped all the time, and my regular chap stick just can't keep up with it.

This isn't great for the day time though because it is extremely thick, you have to warm it between your thumb and first finger before applying it because, although not solid, it is pretty close to being solid. However if applying this at night this isn't a problem. I like to apply this every night before I go to bed so that my lips can be deeply moisturised over night and I wake up the next morning with very moisturised lips. But if you really can't deal with very thick lip balms/ ointments then this probably isn't for you.

I also think this is great for a festival or going on holiday when you can only take something small because it can hold 200% of its own weight in moisture which is great. You get 9g and it retails at £7.99 which is a great price because it will last you for a long time! This is also a multi purpose balm so you could use it on cracked heels or dry skin aswell which makes it a really great multi tasking product.

Thanks for reading
What are your festival/holiday essentials?


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