Monday 29 October 2012

Spending Ban Update #8

Hey Everyone!

So I know this is one day late but hey ho! I have been off school since Thursday so the clock in my head is messed up as to which day it is. So as of yesterday I have done 56 days, so 44 days to go!(Now 57 days down, 43 to go)

This week has been another pretty easy week but there have been one or two things on my wishlist so here goes:

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean facewash
The past few weeks my skin has been an absolute nightmare, and has been breaking out like mad which is not fun, MissBudgetBeauty loves this cleanser so I thought I'd give it a go. If you have any recommendations of products that work for troublesome skin please leave them below!
(image taken from

Botanics Face Brush
(images taken from

So that is all for this week, if you have any recommendations for products(preferably from the drugstore that are good for troublesome combination skin please leave them below!)

Thanks for reading


  1. Aww half way!
    I'm not even two weeks in yet haha! :(
    I have the S&G Peaches and Clean and it's lovely, deffo get it when you finish your ban :)

    1. Hehe yep :) aww don't worry it honestly gets easier & easier! I hardly want anything any more :) Aww thanks, I think I might have to get it today because my ban doesn't say anything about skincare&also my skin is horrendous ;) xx

  2. That soap and glory product looks amazing, and well done on the spending ban, i wish I had the will-power! xxx


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