Tuesday 9 October 2012

Halloween Guest Post

Are you ready for Halloween? I am. I want to say thank you for letting me guest post on your blog! I wanted to share with you an awesome look I created for Halloween! It's simple really, but would go really well with a witches outfit, you can mix up the colours too.
The eye! All you need to do is stick some cellotape across your face, this sounds crazy but it gives you an amazing look! Stick it just under the outer corner of you eye and leave it there till the end. Oh! before doing this you want to use a full coverage foundation so that you have a perfect, one tone base to work with. I applied a red in the inner corners of my eye and into the middle, you can use any colour, what ever matches your costume! I then just simply added a black eye shadow to the crease and outer corner..this is where the cellotape created an awesome curved line! Both of these colour were from my 120 palette. 
Then I added some liquid eye-liner, I just followed the line made by the shadow, then I took the cellotape off! Then I added mascara, you could add in some fake lashes at this point too :) I used 2True liner, I swear by this stuff!
After that I added some right red lip stick, I used Revlon stay lip stick, in flame. It's the brightest one I own, so I thought is suited the occasion! Then I just added a matt black over the top in the middle of my lips, then just add some lip gloss to get the colour to stay. I hope you liked this look, I've never done a make-up tutorial before, so how do you think I did? Lots of love, Sophie xxx

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*Thankyou very much for guest posting Sophie, I hope you all enjoy this look! I personally love it*

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