Saturday 20 October 2012

Nourish Radiance Collection Review *

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So sorry I haven't been around much this week, but I have been so bogged down with exams this week. So I am going to be writing more posts this weekend, to make sure I am not absent for as long again!

So a couple of weeks ago Rebecca from Nourish Skincare sent me a small pot of body butter to try from their Radiance collection, I absolutely loved it and so she sent me the full size body butter & a shower gel to try, so I am going to be reviewing them today.

Radiance Shower Gel*

Radiance Body Butter*

Radiance Body Butter*

'Nourish uses advanced ingredients to nurture the skin that nature gave you.
By understanding the science behind the behaviour of different skin types, and by taking account of individual lifestyles and needs, the Nourish system offers an adaptable skincare solution delivering specific nutrients to effectively support and enhance your skin's health.
Our skin is a dynamic organ, not simply a surface, but an active interface between our outside world and our inside world, affected every day by both internal and external influences. The way our skin reacts to those influences, how it looks and ages, is most influenced by two factors: core skin type and lifestyle.'
The products from the Radiance line are 93% organic.

Taken from the Nourish website which you can check out here

So onto the products, I will start with the body butter.

This is amazing! I can't actually get over how nice the smell of this is. It smells like roses, but instead of the usual fake rose smell, which although beautiful smells absolutely nothing like roses, this body butter smells like a real rose. I don't know how they have managed to capture such a wonderful scent but it is absolutely wonderful. This body butter really moisturises the skin, and it feels like a cross between a cream and a gel. This rubs into the skin pretty well, and absorbs quickly which is great, and means you don't have to wait around whilst it absorbs. I apply this before I go to bed, and when I wake up the next morning my skin feels lovely and soft. The other wonderful thing about this body butter, is on my shins I have extremely dry skin, and nothing ever moisturises it enough to get rid of the dry skin, but this body butter does, and after having used it for a few days it had completely gotten rid of the dry skin. I have now been using this for about a month, and it has seriously sorted out the dry skin on my shins. Also a little bit of this goes a long way, and it is not greasy. The scent lingers on your skin for a good hour or so, and if you sleep with this on it makes your duvet smell gorgeous! Overall a 10/10 from me.

Now onto the shower gel:

This shower gel is a kind of clear yellow liquid. It smells similar to the body butter with the same undertone of rose, but also smells like honey and jasmine. I like this shower gel and the scent lingers on your skin for a few hours which is nice. The only problem I experienced with this shower gel was that it doesn't lather up as easily as other shower gels and took a little more work, but I think that because this uses mainly natural ingredients, this can be excused. The great thing about this is that it works well with the body butter, if you use the body butter afterwards, and makes the whole bathroom smell lovely. I also love that know you're being good to your skin, because they are 93% natural, and don't contain as many chemicals.

I really love both these products and would recommend them both to anyone!

Now here are the pictures of the products you will receive, mine look different because they are PR Samples.

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What are your favourite skincare products?

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