Tuesday 13 November 2012

Clothing Loves *

Owl Long Gold Necklace@110512102   
(Click on the owl to take you to the link)

Clothing Loves is an international site that offers worldwide shipping and you can also shop in 8 different currencies, which is very important for me because I don't like to have to convert everything into GBP Sterling when buying from an American site for example.

Clothing loves specialise in Wholesale men's clothing , Wholesale women's clothingspecial events dresses, and much more. Their website is easy to navigate around and everything is clearly seperated under their correct headings. The other thing that amazed me was how cheap everything on the site was, for the item. For example the owl necklace you see in the picture above was only £4.40. Here is a list of a few of my favourite items and their prices from their site. Just click on the picture to take you to the link of where you can buy the products.

Black Round Neck Women Leather Jacket Women Discount Coat @T3081b

Black And White Stripped Women V-Neck Long Sleeve Hollow Shoulder Sexy Cotton One Size On Sale Fitting Dress @H4609-2

Their shipping is very cheap, around $2-$3 for the first 0.1kg and then goes up, which applies to all countries. They also do plus size dresses and all kinds of bridal dresses, for mother of the bride, bridesmaids, even wedding dresses for £90, I would strongly recommend checking out this site and I am extremely pleased that they contacted me as there are some great bargains!

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  1. The owl necklace is so cute!! Great picks! Foung you on blog hop! new follower:)

  2. hey! i found you through the BBU Blog Hop and decided to follow. i love these styles!


  3. Lovely picks, that owl necklace is adorable! xxx


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